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Boot Camps

Online workout programs designed for the busy woman, with simple, yet effective workouts & meal planning help, plus accountability and coaching from me!

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21 Day Sugar Free Academy

Learn about the affects of sugar, create lasting changes to your eating habits, and kick-start your health journey in my Sugar Free Academy, held quarterly.

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Check out these results from my Bootcamp!

Brittany’s Bootcamp group has given me accountability that I need. NOW I DESIRE to exercise. I know it makes the rest of the day go better. NOW I DESIRE to eat healthy. It isn’t a QUICK fix, and I don’t have a deadline - it’s something that I plan to continue in the days, months, and years to come. It feels good to feel good in my own body again!
— Jesse Potter -LOST 21LBS in 4 Months

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Do you have a health & fitness business that you desire to grow? Or are you passionate about fitness and want to help others as well. Join my team and get one-on-one goal and strategy calls along with an intense business boot camp to help take your business to the next level! 

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