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Don't let a busy life get the best of you. Let me help you create the healthy & fit life that you deserve!


Fitness Community

Join the Legacy Warriors, an online fitness community of women doing online workout programs, who are all encouraging and empowering one another along their journey to create healthy and active lifestyles for their family! 

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Sugar Free Cookbook

In my Simply Sugar Free Cookbook, get 30+ Sugar Free Recipes to help you minimize the amount of sugar intake you and your family are having. Plus hear my story of how I gave up sugar and have sustained this lifestyle for 3+ years!

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EZER Snacks

After writing my cookbook, I launched a snack company to help make my healthy indulgences more accessible to people! At EZER Snacks, we are passionate about FUELING FUN FAMILIES & ACTIVE LIFESTYLES with delicious snacks made with real ingredients!

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Check out these results from my Bootcamp!

Brittany’s Bootcamp group has given me accountability that I need. NOW I DESIRE to exercise. I know it makes the rest of the day go better. NOW I DESIRE to eat healthy. It isn’t a QUICK fix, and I don’t have a deadline - it’s something that I plan to continue in the days, months, and years to come. It feels good to feel good in my own body again!
— Jesse Potter -LOST 21LBS in 4 Months

Join Team Leave Your Legacy

Do you have a health & fitness business that you desire to grow? Or are you passionate about fitness and want to help others as well. Join my team and get one-on-one goal and strategy calls along with an intense business boot camp to help take your business to the next level! 

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