What People Are Saying About Freezer Meal Workshops!

I went to my first Freezer Meal Workshop in June and I was hooked! I wanted to go to more, but as a mom of three children finding a babysitter isn’t always easy. So when I found out about the On-the-Go Workshop I knew it was for me. Everything was sent right to my door and then I could prepare my meals as I had time. I can’t wait to try another menu!
— Katie Lakes (Local & On-the-Go Workshop)
I loved being a part of the Freezer Meal Workshops. It is so freeing to only spend 2 hours and have 8 healthy meals ready for my family of 6. It has saved me so much time and energy.
— Lindsay Hood (Local Workshop attendee & host)
First of all I love how amazingly delicious the meals are. I love how easy it is to get them going and how my family is excited about what’s for dinner. Especially the kids excitement! The workshops make prepping the meals fun and very enjoyable!! It’s fast and easy!! Love, love, love it!!
— Sandra Nicholls (Local Workshop Attendee & Host)