Testimonies from the Sugar Free Academy

I was terrified to join the Sugar Free Academy. I love chocolate and sweet treats— how was I going to give these up?? But the more I thought about it, the more I knew that was exactly why I had to give the Sugar Free Academy a try. I was addicted to sugar. Over the course of the 21-day Academy I learned how to remove and reduce artificial sugars from my diet. The Academy was set up in such a way, that if you were willing to do the lessons, you could be successful. The Academy provided practical ways to reduce/remove sugar gradually. The Academy provided useful tools and tips to make the transition easier and sustainable.
— Amanda Kauffman
The Sugar Free Academy is educating, supportive, and EFFECTIVE! Less than one week into it and I already saw physical results. Brittany gives you the tips and tools to succeed this 3 week course and make this a lifestyle change.
— Abbey Ortiz

Going 21 days without sugar has given me confidence. I know that I can have whatever I want, but I want to give my body things it needs and sugar is not one of them. I love that my tummy is flatter and I have lost weight.
— Brandi Kaufmann

I was hesitant to join because I don’t have the best track record of successfully completing plans like this. But this was different. Brittany has a way of teaching us and leading by example that causes us to WANT to do this. My kids took to this over night and for this I am so grateful. This is what continues to push me. I took a mini vacation and learned that the way to succeed in this lifestyle is to be prepared, to plan in advance. I am so thankful I have taken the time to do that in the past three weeks and will continue to do so. An added, unexpected reward is that I lost 15lbs over the course of the last 3 weeks.
— Cassey Shaw

Registration for the JUNE 27TH Academy is now open!