What is Team Leave Your Legacy?

Who am i?


I am passionate about helping women get set free from a place of bad health that is impacting every avenue of their life. 

I am growing a tribe of women...imperfect people, mom's, business women, fitness professionals that have one common goal in mind! To help other women create a healthy lifestyle that allows them to life a happy, confident, and healthy life that will impact their families and future generations!

Who are you?

Are you an imperfect person on your own fitness journey and would love to create a group accountability and encouragement for others along the way?

Do you have a desire to help other women get set free from the bondage of negative choices that are leading to bad health for them and their family?

Are you a current fitness instructor, or blogger that is looking to take your business to the next level, but you aren't sure how? 

Are you a current personal trainer that is wanting to offer more online services so that you can broaden your range of influence?

Are you passionate about fitness, and would love to help others as well? 

Are you a dreamer looking to create a business that will bring you freedom to leave your 8-5 job, work from home, making more money, and having more time for yourself and your family? 


Team Leave Your Legacy is my Beachbody team.  I became a Beachbody Coach in May 2016 right before my daughter was born. It has been an amazing partnership! I have been able to help so many women whose lives have been changed by my bootcamps, create their own passive income streams through their Beachbody business of helping others along their journey! 

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When you join Team Leave Your Legacy,  I will strategize with you through one-on-one goal setting phone calls as we make a plan to grow your brand and business.

Whether you want to go all in and get full financial freedom from this business, or just do it as a hobby as you walk along your own health journey! I will work with you to understand your goals and create a vision that fits those!

I will provide you with all of the resources to get started right! You will focus on establishing your "Why,"  connecting with your story, and using that to invest in the lives of others like you, learn how to utilize social media, set short and long term goals, and together we will strategize to achieve those goals.

Each Friday I got LIVE and share my passion for this growing tribe, and how you can be a part of it! CLICK HERE to join the group and catch my next SNEAK PEEK into the Leave Your Legacy Tribe!

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