the Simply Sugar Free Cookbook

with 30+ recipes that will help you create a sustainable sugar free lifestyle! 


My Story

As many of you know, I have been sugar free since 2015.  A journey that started as a simple self-motivated challenge to make me a better mother, and create a healthier lifestyle for my family, turned into a sustainable lifestyle that I love! Since being sugar free, I feel free from any addiction or attachment to food, and I feel confident as a mom that I am making the right choices for the health and mental well-being of my family! 

So now, after 2 years of experimenting in my kitchen, I'm bringing you my best sugar free recipes! That's right, all my top favorites, and go-to's for making this lifestyle sustainable for my family will now be available in your kitchen! Plus, keep an eye out for the special "KID APPROVED" recipes!

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I’ve heard from many of the women that I have helped and they needed easier ways to feed their family snacks that FUEL their body. That’s why I created EZER Snacks, a snack company created to make your life EZ-ER, and to FUEL FUN FAMILIES & ACTIVE LIFESTYLES with delicious snacks made with real ingredients!

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What you can expect when you give up sugar...

Here are several ways that you can still enjoy yummy treats without sabotaging your body!

The Simply Sugar Free Cookbook will provide you with delicious recipes made with healthy alternatives, as well as teach you various ways to eliminate sugars in your diet, and why it's important to have a low sugar diet. 

About the Book

Are you tired of having little self-control when it comes to food? Learn how to give up sugar while avoiding deprivation mode, and enjoy 30+ Sugar Free Recipes from Brittany Suell!

“Looking around our world, it’s obvious that sugar is everywhere. Food is a celebratory staple and a favorite pastime of many. So if I ask people to stop eating their favorite foods, even if they know the affects of sugar, they will most likely think, ’I only live once, I’m going to eat my grandma’s peach cobbler!’ “

So what if I told you I have a way for you to still enjoy your favorite recipes, while living a sugar free lifestyle!?

In the Simply Sugar Free Cookbook, I share my favorite recipes that make living a long term sugar free life a reality for my family of four.

Sugar is addictive. It robs us of self-control, and affects more areas of our lives than we realize. Heart disease, mental diseases, behavioral disorders, chronic pain, loss of energy...all of these things are symptoms of the most powerful, and yet most widely accepted drug in our world, SUGAR!

In my cookbook, I share my story of giving up sugar, as a challenge to myself as a new mom. Two years later, it’s a lifestyle that I love and want to share with everyone! It changed my life, and I know it can change yours as well!  You don’t have to fear never eating your favorite dessert again or going into deprivation mode after giving up sugar. In this Sugar Free Cookbook, I share 30+ of my favorite recipes with you. Over half of those are treats and desserts that make this lifestyle enjoyable!

This mom of 5 says that “Brittany’s cookbook doesn’t have you searching for strange ingredients in the grocery store. The recipes use items that are natural and make feeding my family sugar free food both easy, and worry free.” -Abbey Ortiz (San Antonio, TX)


About the Author

Hi, I'm Brittany. I am a wife to an amazing man, and mom to a 2.5 year old and 6 month old. I am a born and raised Texan, a fitness professional, Yoga, and small group fitness instructor. 

I love coffee, traveling, the small adventures in life, and dreaming big. 

I am passionate about helping others live the life they were created to live. I fully believe that the Lord created each of us with a unique destiny. No matter how big or small your role looks in the eye of man, you were made for more, and I love inspiring and helping others to live in the fullness of their identity. 

I am passionate about offering simple solutions to women to live the healthy and fit life that they desire and deserve. I believe that when you are taking care of yourself, and your health, that you are happier, and able to live your best life!



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