You've got mail

My journal came in the mail today!! I am so excited! Last night at church while I was worshipping I felt like the Lord just began to speak things about himself over me. It came from a song:
Lord of Lords,
I am
King of Kings,
I am
the Mighty God,
I am
I am
the Great I "Am"
I am the Prince of Peace
Who is the Lamb...
I am
the Living God
I am
Your Saving Grace
I will Reign Forever
I am Ancient of Days...
I am
Beginning & End.
I am
Redeemer & Friend."
In this time, I felt like the Lord was speaking these words to me, revealing himself to me and telling me who he really is. Then out of honor and respect I was able to speak those back to him through worship....
Then I asked the Lord to speak over me the things he saw in me and thought about me, he did and it was amazing.
I then thought, if I get my new journal tomorrow I will start it by writing about this! Well today it came in the mail, and I am so excited to start writing in it!

(The inside cover of my journal)

(Dani's journal on the left, mine on the right)

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