Yogi Clothing GIVEAWAY!

I have always had a love for yoga!

One of my biggest desires in the coming years is to get certified as a yoga instructor and teach at a gym! I would love that! I especially love the idea of going somewhere exotic to train! I met someone who did her yoga training in Costa Rica once. How great would that be? Yoga on the beach every day...um yes please! Then recently I found a new love for Acro Yoga which I wrote all about the other day.  I am loving the challenge of handstands and all the possibilities that come with it.

So needless to say I was pumped when I got the opportunity to review an entire Yogi Clothing outfit!! Lately I live in yoga pants! I mean they are so comfortable. I come home from work and immediately change into my yoga pants.  Especially in the winter time.

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For my outfit choice, I got the Yoga Rollover Wide Leg Pants. I love them! They are made from a linen style material.  The rollover band is the normal spandex/cotton blend of yoga pants that you would buy at the store.  This helps with flexible fitting around the waste.  Then the actual pants are a nice light weight linen material.  I love the wide leg of them.  They are very bohemian style, and different from most of the yoga pants hanging in my closet.  Plus you could throw them on with a cute shirt and wear them anywhere, and they wouldn't necessarily come off as yoga pants to other people.


The top I chose had just been released when I got it.  It is the Shirred Long Sleeve Pullover.  It is super cute.  The neck folds over to create an off the shoulder look which is super fun, trendy, and rather sexy.  (I'm happy that my shoulders have gotten some sun in the past few weeks) :-) Anyways, it is also made from a lighter weight material.  Not thick like what you would think of when you hear "pullover." The only thing I would change about it is that it be a little longer.  I prefer my shirts fairly long though.   In this pullover, I ordered a size large.  I normally wear a size medium shirt but thought with it being a sweater style and going over shirts, larger would be better.  I am happy I got that size though, because it fit well.  A medium would not have worked at all...honestly I almost want an extra large just so it would be a little longer.


I love wearing my Yogi Clothing, I think my favorite thing about them is that they are different from the normal yoga clothes that you buy in the store.  They are practical when doing yoga moves, but also bring some uniqueness and trend to your outfit. Even their tanks and other pieces all have their own uniqueness to them.


So...now it's time for you to WIN!!

Yogi Clothing has been nice enough to give  a prize to 2 WINNERS! 1 lucky winner will get the Rollover Pants that I am wearing above, and the 2nd winner will get the Shirred Pullover that I am wearing above!  Thanks so much Yogi Clothing!

Now, all you have to do is enter to win in the rafflecopter below.  Then next week we will pick not one, but 2 WINNERS! and you will both get an awesome piece of yoga clothing!

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