Yoga Training at 32 Weeks Pregnant many of you know, I, Little Sis started my Yoga Certification Training back in August with Yoga Fit! I completed my Level 1 training and quickly started teaching yoga at the university where I work.  I have loved teaching here! I completed my first semester class in December, and even while pregnant decided to take on another class this Spring until my baby boy comes!


Well starting this semester off, I really felt like I needed to grow in my training! I love the Yoga Fit Training Program and the organization itself, so I really want to complete my certification with them, but it is also very hard because I will have to travel for all of my trainings.  So I was feeling a little discouraged and not knowing where I was heading with my yoga certification training, but knowing that I needed to get a few more under my belt, and get one step closer to that full 200hr RYT!

So I looked up upcoming trainings, and luckily found one in February, and in Arlington, TX. That is only 2 hours away from me, and the facility is right down the road from where one of my close friends live. came to finding the money to pay for the training because they are not cheap! So I started doing some research.  I contacted a fitness organization that I am a part of about scholarships for things like this, and although this isn't something they normally do, they decided to sponsor me for this training!! I was so excited! I reached out, and put myself out there and it literally paid off! :-)


What they gave was so helpful, but still did not pay for all of the training.  Then I realized because I finished my Master's Degree in December, that my pay teaching at the University had doubled.  So my husband agreed to let me use some of the money to pay the rest.  Then, on top of all of these blessings. I procrastinated and waited until the last day to sign up, which happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which happened to come with a Training SALE!! I got $80 OFF my training cost!!


So this Friday and Saturday, at 32 weeks pregnant I will be participating in my Yoga Fit Level 3 Training! I am so excited! A lot of the training has to do with learning about the different Chakra's of the body, and also learning inversions.  Which I'm a little sad that I am doing this training while pregnant.  I am so excited to start working on inversions again and growing stronger with those after I have the baby! I just hope that this yoga training will stick with me and I will remember what I learn when I start reteaching myself inversions!!

So be sure to follow me on Instagram and keep up with me this weekend while I'm at training!

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