Yoga Love!

I have always loved yoga!

One of my biggest dreams is to one day be a stay at home mom and teach yoga at a local gym.  So one day when I am done with graduate school I plan on pursuing getting certified to be a yoga instructor.

This year, sometime in February I found a lady on instagram Kerri Verna, from @beachyogagirl or her facebook page, Beach Yoga with Kerri!  I was amazed at the kind of yoga moves I was seeing her do! Lot's of hand stands, and very challenging poses! I WAS INSPIRED!!

And then it began. 

I started my first handstand off by getting my husband to help me.  I was scared to even do a handstand against the wall because it had been so many years since I had done one.

This was one of the very first handstands I did! See the wobbliness.  It was rough.


This was the first forearm stand that I did.  The middle picture is also one of the first photos I saw of @BeachYogaGirl, and one of the first ones that majorly inspired me and contributed to me desiring to get good at this.


Now I am doing handstands all the time.  Still using the wall, but it has only been two months.  I am slowly getting good hang time without the wall though.  And I have full intentions to get very confident in this where I can do it anywhere!

Here are some of the moves that I have advanced to!

yoga 1 yoga 2 yoga 3

There are 3 reasons why I love handstand yoga so much! 

1) It is not only fun but continually challenging

2) I see strength improvements daily.  One day I may not be able to do a move that I can easily achieve the next time I practice!

3) It is fun to partner with my husband for some partner yoga moves! 

yoga 4

yoga 5

All it starts with is a handstand!

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