YES! Mom

My desire as a mother is to ensure that my kid(s) have the freedom to grow and learn! How many of you actually mellow out when you become a parent? I always thought I would be an uptight mommy... I seemed to always be an uptight teacher! :) Slowly, slowly... I am becoming more like the Mom I want to be. 
Well, yes you CAN wash the dishes! :) 
I want to be the "YES!" Mom. I do not want to hinder my child from constantly telling him No. In the same breath though, I want my child to be well-rounded, respectful, and well-disciplined... and even at only 2, almost 2, he is a VERY respectful and obedient little guy. Does he cry for his Mommy ... yes, but guess what else? He is getting better at that! I am learning to be that YES Mom that I want to be... and my child is adapting to it well. We love to explore together. Sure in the picture above it can be intimidating... "what if he sprays water everywhere" "what if he falls" "what if he gets wet".... Guess what!!
He DID spray the water and he DID get wet. And we had FUN! We learned how the water faucet works... and we washed dishes together. I love being a YES Mom. 

Well, yes you CAN use your chair to get my cup.
Now, does this mean I tell him YES at everything- well no! :) But there are so many educational chances that are lost because we tell our kids no! We don't want a mess, we don't want them to know how to do that, etc. But in the end, it is only a mess... why pass by that learning opportunity? 
I feel soooo blessed that my husband and I have come to the decision to homeschool our son. Little man is going to gain experiences here at home that he would never get at school. I know this- because I AM a teacher. I love the fact that I am going to be home with this little joy every, single day! I love him.

Well, yes you CAN pull on the camera cord and make me smile like no other.
Those that worked outside the home and then stayed home- what kind of trials did you go through? When we first moved back from Japan and got settled, it was difficult. Little love only wanted Mommy and did not mind me near as well as Daddy. I am amazed now as I watch him- he minds me so well and is doing so very good leaving me when we go to Sunday School or to the Gym and even if he stays with a friend.
Little Love is growing up- how do you deal with that parents?

Well, yes you CAN try the baking soda for our homemade laundry detergent. 
Funny thing, as I type this, my son is looking at this very picture, touching the picture on the screen saying "Mom, No No.. Mom, No No" 
Being a parent is amazing. I learn new things everyday. I have read many blogs on being a Mom. I take something from almost all of them. Slowly, slowly I am letting go of control and letting my child learn the way he needs to.. through experience and experiments!
Though this blog doesn't have a cool craft or fun recipe, I wanted to share my desire to be a YES MOM! 
I am blessed. 
-Big Sis

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