Sugar Free for a Year RECAP!

I went a year! 

Yep, without sugar! 

When people asked if it was hard....honestly, after the first couple of months.... "No." I loved the lifestyle, and that's exactly what it was.

I created a life from it.

I didn't deprive myself! I still had sweet indulgences, as you can see from the recipes I share on the blog. I didn't go without, but when I had sweet treats, they were healthier. I developed healthy recipes made without sugar, but instead substitutes, like honey, dates, bananas. And they were wonderful! 

I didn't miss sugar. 

My goal in this was to create a lifestyle that could last. And that's exactly what I did. 

I want my children to grow up still getting to enjoy yummy foods. I don't want them to feel deprived and go on a sugar binge when they leave my house.  However, I don't want them struggling with an addiction to sugar, or sugar affecting their behavior or them struggling with their weight because of sugar. 

Once you get past the detox of letting go of sugar, and your taste buds change, you begin to taste things in a whole new way. 

Fruit and nuts become sweeter.  Natural seasonings like cinnamon are sweet. You being to appreciate the natural sweetness that we get from the earth. Lightly sweetened things become perfect for you, when those who have over sensitive taste buds due to so much sugar intake think it is just bland

Living the sugar free lifestyle is great!

You no longer feel controlled by food and cravings! You no longer HAVE TO HAVE something sweet when the feeling comes on. You no longer come out of a celebratory or holiday weekend feeling miserable because of your over indulgences. You no longer see the scale constantly going up-and-down, up-and-down. 

You do however have more energy. Feel in control of your life. Have more focus. Lose weight fairly naturally. Feel good after a holiday weekend. Get healthier all around! 

If you are wondering if the sugar free lifestyle is for you.....let's chat! I would love to share with you more about my journey! And talk about how this could work for you, how it would impact you and your family's health, and how to make it a lifestyle that works for you!