New Year, New You! Jump on the Bandwagon!

Last night my husband and I got to go out to a local winery, The Mill, to c10913158_332156300310743_1562305874_nelebrate 2015!  This week, Abilene Scene held a contest where you tweeted your worst New Year's Eve ever, and you could possibly win tickets to The Mill Winery's New Year's Eve Celebration!

This was my tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.13.11 AM



Kind of lame I know! But hey, it happened. won me two FREE Tickets!! Which were worth $40 each! So in comparison to just chilling at our house for New Year's Eve, we got to get dressed up, and go out dancing, with free drinks and horderves! So we were most definitely excited!

The Mill has only been open since this past summer, but it is one of the go-to places in Abilene.  They took an old Abilene building, which was the old "mill" from back in the day.  They renovated the inside, and created an amazing outside environment complete with grapevines, silos, and fire pits. The environment they create is awesome, the venue is wonderful, and the drinks have always been great.  We have never attended a ticket-only event though, so this was fun.









They had the venue sparkling with black and gold decorations, and the dance floor was full, and lit up with people dancing. Oh and did I mention they had a photo booth? That was fun!



My husband and I of course enjoyed the drinks, but it was also fun to get out and dance together in a nice environment with a great DJ, just for the heck of it.  I could definitely see myself paying for an event at the Mill in the future....who knows, maybe for Valentines Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating New Year's Eve! I loved this sign that they had up at the Mill last night!



Now, if you are reading this sign, and you aren't convinced that 2015 is going to be a great year, then let me leave you with this! 

The new year, means everything is new! Each day you have the choice to leave the past behind and make new choices to be happy and go after your dreams...that's not always as easy as it seems though! The New Year, brings this ability to a whole new level though! With New Year Goals and/or resolutions, it's so much more realistic to really leave the past behind you, turn a new leaf, change who you are and what you are about. 

So today, on the 1st day of 2015, I will leave you with this. 

new year new you


It's okay to jump on the bandwagon! 

Many times, bandwagons are looked down on.  BUT, when it comes to the New Year, when it comes to making the choice to be a better version of yourself, to set goals, to get healthier, to go after your could that be a bad thing!?!?

So take advantage of the New Year, of all the awesome bandwagons that you could jump on, and just do it! 


Let's do this 2015! 

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