Workouts on Vacation!!

So.... Big Sis and I are both on a journey to get fit and lose weight, as you have seen if you are following our Weightloss Wednesday posts!! And now we are going on a week long vacation to the beach, together, with our whole family.  Now this could go one of two ways....

1) We could go to the beach and use the excuse that we are "on vacation" for every yummy snack we want to eat, or every morning when we just want to sleep in instead of getting up and being active.


2) We can plan ahead: We can plan foods we are going to cook, eat, and take to snack on.  And we can plan workouts for each day, because what better place to get your sweat on than on the incredible beaches of Destin Florida!?!?!

So that's exactly what we did.  We planned out foods to take, and planned to cook almost every night that we are there.  You can read Big Sis' post about Healthy Food on Vacation here. And, I planned out a workout for us to do each day!

So here's our schedule:

Saturday: Paddleboard Yoga Sunday: 1.5 mile beach run & beach yoga Monday: Vacay Workout 1


Tuesday: 3 mile beach run Wednesday: Beach Yoga Thursday: Vacay Workout 2


Friday: Family 5K-running a Glo Run with our family!

Plus each day we will be doing the daily challenge for the #ZestyJuly challenge I am co-hosting on Instagram!













Last year I am proud to say that the hubs and I took a trip and it was successfully a "Fit Trip." Yes we indulged in yummy food at times, but we also planned out our trip around workouts and smart food choices.

Here's a few Tips I have learned on how to create a HEALTHY VACATION:

1) Make a plan: Plan out your meals, including snacks while traveling, and main course meals for each day you are gone (Check out tips from Big Sis on planning Healthy Food on Vacation here).  Also make a workout plan.  You don't have to workout every day of vacation, but make a plan to work out at least 1/2 the days you are away.

2) Look up local fit events.  Find a family fun run, or a beach yoga class. Make it fun for you and the family.

3) Plan activities for vacation that include being active as a family: go on a family hike, or rent bikes to ride around town while you site see.

4) Choose a hotel or resort that has a gym, or even one that offers workout classes.  You might even choose a vacation package that involves personally training sessions, or workout classes.

5) Take advantage of beautiful scenery.  Whether mountains, beach, or the forest, enjoy a run, walk, hike, or agility workout with an awesome back drop!

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