Working Out vs. An Active Lifestyle

Do you ever struggle with getting your workout in? Why is it that when it comes to living a busy life, that exercising is always the first thing to get put on the back burner?

Today I'm linking up with Jill Conyers & The Fit Switch with #DishtheFit to talk about How to Simplify the Active Lifestyle.

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Take these three tips, and take Working Out from being just a duty, something you have to check off your list, and instead lets change your lifestyle to be more active, so that exercising is something you do naturally, out of passion and priority rather than duty.

1) Become Passionate about Working Out, And Make It A Priority

Next time you work out, really become aware of the feelings you have in the hours and day following your workout. What emotions come up, how do you feel about yourself, what does the exercise, endorphin "high" do to you!?  I'm sure if you were to describe the workout high you feel, you might use some of these words:

motivated Now fall in love with those feelings! Make those feelings something you have to have!

2) Let Active Living Be A Part of Your Every Day Life

Now here is the key part! Once you become passionate about being active, and getting that workout high becomes a priority, now it's time to let that saturate every part of your life.

This means in the office, that you desire to take the stairs, or the long walk around the building just so you can move and get active. This means that when you don't have time to go to the gym at night or in the morning, that you take your workout clothes, and you get moving during your lunch break.  Because even 30 minutes of activity feels better than none. This means that when it comes to deciding what to do as a family over the weekend, that you are looking into events or activities that get the entire family moving together.

It's easy, when being active becomes something you are passionate about, then it is at the forefront of your mind.  So you are constantly looking for active things to do in your every day life, (not just going to the gym).

3) Get Around Other People Who Are Passionate About Active Living

Do you know how hard it is to love being active and have friends who just want to do is sit around and talk or go to the movies all the time.  That does not make it easy for you to get active.  You need friends who enjoy working out and being active.

You need friends who will go take a kickboxing class with you just for fun, or come over to practice Acro-Yoga with you. You need friends that want to go on a weekend hiking trip with you and enjoy being outdoors and moving just as much as you do.

Even if it's as simple as walking together while you talk.  I do this with my friends all the time.

And like Chalene Johnson always says, "If your friends don't work out with you, then GET NEW FRIENDS!"  Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, really though, isn't there a little truth in that?


So there you have it! It's simple, 3 easy steps to take exercising form Working Out to An Active Lifestyle!

Make it a Priority! 

Saturate Your Life With Being Active! 

Surround Yourself With Active People! 

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