Words to Sweat By GIVEAWAY

Today we have such a fun GIVEAWAY for you! 

Several months ago my sister and I got connected with Words to Sweat By when we ordered my mom this awesome sweat towel as a gift! Here is the towel we ordered our mom:


Isn't this so fun! and funny! haha I love this saying, and our mom loved it as well! It was a great gift for her since she had just started working out and it was great to take to the gym for a good laugh and a reminder to work hard, and of course for function to wipe away all that sweat!

Anyways, Dana at Words to Sweat By started her company to offer exercisers everywhere fun, functional, and affordable workout accessories. And that is just what she is doing.

Dana sent us a sweat towel, and also a cute workout/motivational bracelet of our choice.

Here's the towel that Big Sis got and has been trying out.

cupcakesI picked this one because it really does remind you to push yourself just a little bit harder! I love my towel one because it's fun and humorous, but also because it is such nice quality.  They come in nice mesh bags, and the towel itself really holds up! And, when you have one of these towels, you are taking something cute to the gym, rather than an old raggedy towel.   Dana's goal and mission for her company really does come true in her products, they are words that encourage you to sweat more, plus they are fun and functional!


Little Sis got to pick a cute fitness bracelet!


I picked "Fit" because it reminds me to make healthy choices to stay fit, but also for the fact that we are the Naturally Fit Sisters!

Here's a little Disney sneak peak of me wearing the bracelet.  I love wearing it!
Plus it comes with two different colors, so I can wear it on pink or green, but the fit charm stays the same!
Words to Sweat By also has long, rectangular charms.
little signautres
So the fun thing about todays GIVEAWAY is that not only will one of YOU win a sweat towel and inspirational jewelry, but...you will also get to choose a friend who you want to give a gift to as well! Your friend will then get to pick out his/her own sweat towel and jewelry piece! How AWESOME is that!!
So hurry go enter! Be sure to stop by the Words to Sweat By Etsy Page and either favorite an item in her shop or come back and comment telling us your favorite item!
You can also stop by and check out her Facebook Page!

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