WLW Episode 8

Well we have entered another week, and I feel like I am motivated to push harder for the next week.  My weight has not changed this week, and I will admit, I'm pretty disappointed, in myself.  I have really began slacking.  I have gotten in this cycle of feeling like the weight will just come off, and I don't have to work for it, but that is not the case.

I have also hit this new challenge in my eating.   Usually, sweets are my weakness, especially chocolate.  BUT, I am doing really well with that, plus my Vanilla Greek Yogurt (frozen) topped with granola is really satisfying my sweet tooth these days! Lately though I have been literally craving salt.  So I have been wanting things like chips, crackers, popcorn, etc.  And I have had it.  Usually when I get a salt craving I will have stove popped popcorn lightly salted, which is a great snack.  I feel like in my body I can literally tell when I have indulged in salty foods.  I feel like I can feel/see the bloat all over my body.  So my goal this next week is to stay with my eating, and NOT give in to the salty foods craving.

On another note, I put on real blue jeans this morning! Which is something I haven't done in over a year, before I got pregnant. I mentioned in a previous Weightloss Wednesday post that I had gained weight before I got pregnant, so my jeans were not fitting then, so now I was weighting until I lost a lot to put them on.  Well today I have to wear jeans to something so they are on.  They went up very smoothly, and buttoned just a tad tight, but still comfortable, so that's good.  They are just tight enough that I am motivated to kick this thing in high gear to make them fit great!

WLW Stats: 

Week 1: -0 lbs

Week 2: -1.4lbs

Week 3: -0 lbs

Week 4: -0lbs

Week 5: -.4lbs

Week 6: -1lb

Week 7: -1lb (157.8lbs)

Week 8: -0lbs

Total: -3.8lbs

little signautres

Happy Wednesday! Better late than never, right? I think I have been in a bit of a stump. I worked my tail for the 22 pounds I lost.. and then I needed a break.. and I am slowly getting back to it. I have been a bit discouraged that Cross Fit isn't working out. I just don't have the childcare for it, nor am I going to hire a babysitter to keep my kids. Do you know the going rate for babysitters? Holy cow. Anyways, so I joined the gym right up the road again.. and I am excited. My kids can go with me and be taken care of.. and I can get my workout on. I am eager to get going and get into running again. I am 22 pounds lighter, so it will be easier for sure! I am excited.

So tomorrow I go. One of my girlfriends is a member so it is great we can go together. I plan to lift some weights and do the occasional class. I just got the OFFICIAL notification that I won a trip to Cancun with Scentsy-- so we are going in January.. therefore, I have to get going. I don't want to go unhappy with me.. Not that I am unhappy with me, haha. I would just like to be a little bit happier.

I am actually in a very good place these days. I am very happy with me. Happy with life… overall I am happy. Granted getting a fit and where I want to would make me HAPPIER! With that said- this week nothing to report… NO LOSS! But remaining the same makes me happy! Until next week…. with results.