WLW Episode 7

I have been kinda in a blah area. I am doing okay… working out enough… but kinda blah. I am loving my day to day routine.. but not feeling into the jive 100% with my eating and working out. But I am determined to stay focused. No one ever said the road is EASY or FAST.. right?? The promise that I gave myself was that I would keep this going until I am a healthier me.. and I will! I have been cooking a lot from the Trim and Healthy Mama Cookbook. As much as I want a fall coffee… I won't let myself indulge in all of those calories OR pay the price for them…. so I need a good recipe that is healthy enough so I can recreate my own at home.. anyone? There really isn't anything too new here. I am enjoying getting back to normal. I have enjoyed our first week just us in sometime.. getting back into our groove. Our first 2 weeks of school have gone great and the kids are enjoying our normal pace of life again! I miss CrossFit and being committed to attending somewhere… but when it doesn't fit in your schedule, what do you do? I can't dwell on it. I just have to keep going the way I am! With that said, I hope you are all doing something for yourself each day!

WLW Stats:

WL Before WLW: -6lbs

Week 1: -4 pounds

Week 2: -2lbs

Week 3: -0 lbs

Week 5: -4lbs

Week 5: -3lbs

Week 6: -3lbs

Week 7: +1

Total: 21 pounds!!! 


I am really excited to see the scales still going down.  Even when my eating habits are t perfect. I will say that I realize that eating habits have a lot to do with getting fit. Not just losing weight, but also getting toned muscles, which is something I am really desiring. And I believe that you get that when you are working hard, when you add weightlifting in, and you have to be eating right!


I have been really proud of my husband and me. We have gotten to a point where we only eat out twice a month. And usually that's when we are spending time with people or if we go out on a date. And this has been consistent for us for at least 6months. A lot of this has to do with our budget, but still I'm proud!

Anyways, wanted to share about my favorite snacks this summer, which were canteloupe and watermelon! I will kids them when they are out of season. Here's a fun fact about watermelons!


So eat up that watermelon while you still have a chance!

And now for my stats this week!

WLW Stats: 

Week 1: -0 lbs

Week 2: -1.4lbs

Week 3: -0 lbs

Week 4: -0lbs

Week 5: -.4lbs

Week 6: -1lb

Week 7: -1lb (157.8lbs)

Total: -3.4lbs

little signautres


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