WLW Episode 6


I honestly don't know what I am planning to write about here… I had planned on talking about how getting off your routine can be difficult when trying to lose weight… but everyone knows that! :D I was looking for a picture to compare with another.. and the same time my mom and sister were making another. They had no clue that I was even doing that… when they sent me their picture it just brought me to tears- for real. I have never posted my wedding pictures online… they are so embarrassing. I hate them. I was the biggest ever. I couldn't even tell you what I weigh in them. I have always been big, always struggling with my weight, not very active… but when I went to college I gained like the Freshman 30. I lived off of ramen noodles and KFC Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. I don't eat either of those today… Sister took a picture of a picture while we were in Texas at my dad's and said "We are so using this…" I had zero intentions of doing so. It is strange how something can hit you so hard in the stomach… I wasted so much of my life FAT! My high school and college years. But I am SO blessed the man that is my husband still loved me for ME.. not for my outward… But anyways.. here is the picture:


I was only 19 when I married my husband… and I looked like that. I literally HATE my pictures. I have set goals to take beach wedding pictures (before we lived at the beach) 2x before. When I get to {THIS} weight, we will take pictures.. I want to wear a little white sundress… but both times I have successfully lost weight, yea-- you guessed it.. I get pregnant. So the goal this time is to NOT get pregnant… and to get those pictures! The picture above makes me so very sad. I am just so thankful I know what to do to lose weight.. the issue is, I DO STRUGGLE.. and it is so very easy for me to put weight on… My family has said each time I have lost weight-- "Wow, I didn't see you this big!" I know I was NEVER happy with me, comfortable with ME.. I always had skinny friends…. ALL of my college friends were skinny. I was jealous, but I ate and ate and ate.. Just ask my roommate. UGH! Wow, seriously, I keep scrolling up… and just shaking my head.

I just read a blog today about a mom who said "I will never look like I did when I got married." She had a beautiful wedding dress, in shape, looking happy…. For me it is the other way- I don't want to ever look the way I did on my wedding day. So freaking embarrassing. So.. anyways.. on to better pictures. HAHA!


So above you see a picture with 3 months difference, almost to the day. And guess what else?? There is a 22lb loss there! I realize the one on the right is a little more close up, but there is a definite difference in my neck and stuff. But the main difference I see is that the girl on the right is HAPPY. I am in a happy place. I am happy with me, life, family, etc. I am feeling better. I am working hard getting the weight off.. I am focused, and overall I feel great! So there you guys have it… An updated picture for ya. Can't wait to share in another three months!

WLW Stats:

WL Before WLW: -6lbs

Week 1: -4 pounds

Week 2: -2lbs

Week 3: -0 lbs

Week 5: -4lbs

Week 5: -3lbs

Week 6: -3lbs

Total: 22 pounds!!! 


It's funny what we are sharing today.  Big Sis is discussing how she doesn't want to get back to her wedding self ever again, and just last night I told my husband, "I am going to look as good as when we got married one day!"

I remember in 2009 at my lingerie shower how I felt.  I had my party, then I had an after party with my closest friends! I tried on some of my fun lingerie for them as we sipped Pina Coladas, it was a fun special night for me.  I remember that night realizing how good I looked, and how good I felt. I am excited to feel that way again! Really, I am just excited to fit comfortably in all my clothes again!

And today I am one step closer! Feeling good about seeing these pounds drop off and staying in those 150's!!

WLW Stats: 

Week 1: -0 lbs

Week 2: -1.4lbs

Week 3: -0 lbs

Week 4: -0lbs

Week 5: -.4lbs

Week 6: -1lb

Total: -2.4lbs

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