WLW Episode 5

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I am here to say that I hit the goal I made last week! I broke through the 160 barrier and am officially in the 150's! Maybe only by .2lbs, but I will take it!


I didn't do perfect this past weekend.  I went home to visit with family and Big Sis, and I had to eat at our favorite, small town Mexican Restaurant! I only get to eat there a few times a year when I visit family, so I wasn't holding back.  And we were so busy with lots of kiddos, I didn't get to workout any from Friday-Monday.  I always wonder when I have a not great weekend and still lose...How much I would've lost if I would've stayed in my eating and working out routine.

Anyways, I am excited to have broken through and am in the 150's now.  I can't wait to continue seeing the numbers drop and getting back down to my comfortable size.  I haven't tried on any of my blue jeans yet, haven't had to since it is so hot here.  I am hoping that by mid-late September when I need to put them on, that I will be able to slip into them.  I am hesitant to try too soon, because even before I got pregnant I was up in weight, and all my jeans were so uncomfortably tight.  So i want to make sure to lose a good amount, so that when I put them on I am encouraged because they fit!

WLW Stats: 

Week 1: -0 lbs

Week 2: -1.4lbs

Week 3: -0 lbs

Week 4: -0lbs

Week 5: -.4lbs

Total: -1.8lbs

 little signautres

Update on Big Sis, she has been traveling for the past week and doesn't have access to the computer or a scale, so just an update from Little Sis this week!

WLW Stats:

WL Before WLW: -6lbs

Week 1: -4 pounds

Week 2: -2lbs

Week 3: -0 lbs

Week 5: -4lbs

Week 5: ?

Total: ?

My Total Inches Lost: