WLW Episode 2

What a great week I have had! I have eaten 97% on track and I feel awesome. We spent the weekend away with friends and I packed my food in my cooler and I stuck to it! It was awesome! It felt so great to come home, KNOWING that I had been real to myself!! Knowing that I am going to get healthier. Though I had a VERY tiring weekend, I contribute it to not working out.. I didn't workout past Wednesday of last week-- and quite frankly, my body knew it.

So now I am home for a few days-- getting ready to pack up for 10 days in Destin, Florida with my family-- including Little Sis. She has prepped workouts for us for the week and I am eager to do that with her and my mom! I am excited for our week of vacationing while striving to be as healthy as possible… The first thing we are doing to start out our week.. PADDLEBOARD YOGA! Let it be known, I don't paddle board nor do I yoga.. so what do you think is going to happen?? HAHA!

So, on to my WLW Stats..

Week 1: -4 pounds


Well this week hasn't been terrible for me, but I did have a few down days last week.  At the beginning of last week I noticed that my knee had been hurting some.  Not sure what this was from, maybe just changing my activity, and starting to do a lot.  So, after my hot yoga class that I taught on Wednesday I decided to take a few days off from working out.  I decided that although I wanted to push through, that I needed to be smart and take care of my knee. I would hate to really hurt it especially when I'm getting all of these opportunities to teach yoga.

Anyways, so I took off from working out Thursday-Sunday.  It was hard honestly.  I felt like something was missing from my day, and honestly I felt more tired throughout the day and struggled with feeling munchy.  I really feel that when I'm working out it keeps me more energized and maybe it's only mental, but helps me choose healthier foods.  So I pushed through those days, and went back to Yoga on Monday night. Then I got up early in the morning on Tuesday and went to a Boot Camp class.  It was awesome, I felt great for waking up early, felt good working out that hard, and had a great and productive day.  Oh and woke up super sore today.

So checking in today, I have not lost any weight from last week, but I have maintained that weight which I feel good about.  And I am excited to take another Boot Camp class before going on vacation this weekend.

I am excited for the challenge of vacation.  Because as we all know, sometimes vacation can really set us back on our fitness goals.  But Big Sis, our mom and I have big plans to work out together and eat well.  I personally am hoping to have smoothies and healthy meals for breakfast and lunch, and then eat a normal, big meal for dinner.  I am excited to let y'all know how that goes! Oh and be on the lookout next week for our VACATION WORKOUTS (on the beach) post!

So, on to my WLW Stats..

Week 1: 0 pounds

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