Oh yea, we are back! Clearly we are both committed to losing weight.. and what better way than to share on this journey with you. When we started our initial WLW back in 2012, it was such a help for us.. so here we are again. Who knows how long we will do it.. but let's go! We will do like we did before with posts from Big Sis and Little Sis each Wednesday!! And maybe we can get some Guest Posts like we did previously to share with you guys too!!


Big Sis:

Well here I am. As you all know I started Cross Fit… I LOVE it. I can't say I have seen a ton of results, but I can say it is my fault. I am not 100% on my diet.. and I know, because of my past success, I have to be about 95% on to lose weight. I don't know if it is the PCOS, age, or what it is.. but I have to stick very close to eating well to lose weight.. and Food is my struggle. But that is okay! I am committed to sharing with you guys so you can walk this journey with me. I weighed in and took my measurements on Monday. I will weigh in again next Wednesday and share with you my loss… I will do that each Wednesday just like before. In a month I will share with you guys my measurement changes.

Basically what I am doing is Cross Fit (3-4 times a week) and trying to get my running up again. I want to do another 1/2 Marathon so bad….. which will be my 5th one! CRRRAZY! I miss how I was when I was running and I will get there soon enough! :D

In 2 weeks I meet my family- mom and sister included for Family Vacation at the Beach! I am so excited. We are putting daily workouts together and will be doing runs on the beach! I am eager to get these workouts on with my favorite girls- my best friends! Today I ran 1.66 miles and I felt awesome. My goal by the time I get to them in two weeks is 3 miles comfortably! I can do this, right?? I can, I can, I can!! So here I am! Sharing my journey with you guys again!! I hope you guys will be encouraged to continue on your journey with me!


Little Sis:

I am so excited to be back in the game of working out hard, feeling that adrenaline rush, and having full fledge sweat tests after a workout! hahaha I have been sharing my progress post baby, and have been pretty happy with my results so far.

I gained 70lbs during pregnancy.  I ran a little in the beginning, but not enough to push too hard in running, plus after my miscarriage 2 months before this pregnancy, I wanted to take it easy.  I did yoga the entire time I was pregnant, and taught yoga up until the week before I had the baby, which felt great.  I still gained a lot of weight though, but I didn't mind honestly! I enjoyed me some ice cream, cupcakes, and other late night snacks while pregnant.

Anyways, a lot of the weight came off easy the first two months after having my little man.  I walked until I was 6 weeks postpartum, then started T25, running, and started teaching yoga again.  I am now 51 lbs down, and have 19lbs left to lose to get back to my normal weight.  And I feel like now it has come to a place where I really have to fight for it!


I have found a pretty good routine that works for me.  Each grocery trip I buy a few of the same things.  Granola, fruit (watermelon & cantaloupe are my go-to sweet snacks, I don't hold back when eating those), popcorn (we make it stove popped for that salty snack I crave often), greek yogurt, frozen fruit (for smoothies), and sandwich stuff.  I pretty much eat a protein bar or Special K cereal for breakfast, I either have a smoothie or sandwich for lunch, and then eat a nice dinner that I cook.  Or if I have a big lunch I have a smoothie for dinner.  Then eat the fruit and popcorn, and granola when I need a snack! It is working for me!


I am teaching yoga at least 3 times most weeks, sometimes 4, and running 3 times a week.  I have gotten back to 4 miles which I am proud of! I am also about to start attending a Boot Camp at D1 Abilene where I teach yoga, at least 2 days a week.  Plus, if you follow us on Instagram you have seen our #ZestyJuly Fit Challenge, an awesome challenge that will add to your daily workouts!


I am so excited to share this journey with you all! 19 more lbs to go!!! LET'S DO THIS!

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