Weightloss Wednesday #8

All the sudden I realized that it was Wednesday! That means... Weight Loss Wednesday! So much has been going on. We had a very busy weekend with friends who came to visit and I was so proud that I ate very well. The weight isn't coming off fast, but I am feeling great and that is what matters, right? On Monday I started a 60 Day Challenge that I had previously told you about and I have high hopes that this will help me shed some very unwanted weight. Just the past three days of workouts have been kicking my butt! I feel good though. On Monday evening I wanted to go for a run... and wouldn't you know, I fell down on the sidewalk at the end of mile 1.. I didn't hurt myself bad. Skinned up one knee and busted my hand in a couple of places :D But all in all ... I am feeling really great.

My weight today: 193lbs

It is amazing how different people look here... people just seem to be overall more fit. This is another push for me... so I am not such an outcast. It is also hard being part of "Naturally Fit Sisters" when I am not fit right now... but the fact that I am working on it.. helps! I hope you are all pushing through and meeting your goals that you have set for yourself. Here is to another great week!



Hey there, Little Sis here, I have felt super busy as well, but since I returned from last week's vacation I am just not wanting to do anything once I get home! I am officially yoga certified to teach, but still continuing my full certification! WHOOP! I am pumped and love it and hope to share soon!

I am having to take it easy though, I did Cross Fit at the end of June and first of July, but on July 4th I hurt my back and it still hurts.  I am calling a place today to go get it checked out.  I have done yoga (obviously) and run while it's hurting, but this week I'm not doing anything because I really need this to heal! It is not fun! It takes me a while to get warmed up with yoga, but once I am I can do it without it really hurting, but then once I cool down again the pain is back.  Mornings when I wake up are the worst!

Anyways, so Weightloss Wednesday right after vacation....NOT MUCH PROGRESS, but ALSO not much gain! Which is great! On our vacation we tried to eat good breakfast & lunches, then at dinner we at mostly Mexican food! So that wasn't great, but we also worked out every day of vacation, so health/fitness wise, this was the BEST VACATION I have ever taken!

So I am still at 158 lbs today!

Which I am proud of! I am staying in the 150's!! So now I am ready to see those numbers decrease! Gotta get my motivation hat back on! I'm hoping that next week there will be a decrease for me to share!

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