WLW #13

Happy Weight Loss Wednesday! We have been living up the life of vacation.. Baby Sis in Florida and I still in California but with visitors.. Now that the week has ended and we have started a new one.. I was a bit fearful to step on the scale. I did really well the first part of vacation and then I just crashed.. I ate all of my favorites at husbands' birthday party and then it just kept going. Err... I won't lie, I am nervous to step on the scale and give you the brutal truth today! But.. by then end o this post, I will. 
As I was trying to figure out what to write about today I was led to Pinterest- which has some of the most motivating weightloss/workout sayings for me. There are a few that I really liked that I chose to show you guys and maybe they will help you and your mindset as it did me. 
The 10 Commandments of Weightloss
I know that we all have our own 'commandments' when we are changing our lifestyle on things we want to do differently, do daily, etc. to help implement that change. I would say that all but one of these ring true in my ear.. and the one that doesn't .... well, it NEEDS to. The one that I struggle with the most is #10- Get Enough Sleep. I know that to achieve and reach my ultimate goals I need to be sleeping more... but I really struggle with that. IF I am lucky, I get 5 hours of sleep at night... This is something I need to post and try and make myself get to bed earlier ... because I know it will help me.. and help regulate my metabolism. Oh, that dreaded M word... as I get older that M word sticks to the back of my head like the plague. 
Portion Sizes
Does this make anyone else sick but me? I do not remember what the portion sizes were like at say, McDonalds, when I was growing up... but we sure didn't have super size when I was a little girl. The saddest part about this picture to me is that it isn't even super sized... but rather the portion we get when we go to fast food. This is one of the reasons we rarely eat out... because I can control my portion sizes a lot better and easier from my home. I use one of my son's plates when I eat dinner and that really helps. You have to have some SERIOUS self-control to throw away most of those french fries when they give you an over abundance. Don't you wonder how different we would be in America if our portion sizes were NORMAL!?

I can't tell you how many times we are asked "where are your sweets"... We don't have any in our home. Does this mean we don't like them.. heck no. On a normal basis if we want a sweet something or another, I make it... we can't keep Little Debbies, Ice Cream, Chips in our house... why? Because I will eat them and then my son will want them. Not happening. We had visitors last week and our friend LOOOOVES sweets.. and I encouraged it by buying them for him. I felt a little bad that we had nothing to offer that sweet tooth. Problem? Well after he left there was half a chocolate chip cake, 2 Nutty Bars, 4 Oatmeal Cream Pies, and 3 Chocolate something in our freezer. On top of that we had my husbands' birthday party so we have booooooqoooos of chips and juice left over. This is not good my bloggy friends... SO, we keep GOOD food in our house... fridge, freezer, and pantry... because then if we want something BAD we have to literally get in the car and leave to go get it.. which rarely happens. 
This is so very real. I have lived this year in and year out. I am so thankful that this time... I will have no regrets. Sure, I may let a weekend get away from me and eat things my body does not need... but it isn't putting me back where I Started. I have come so far that any mishap- even if it lasts a week before I get totally focused again--- is only that, a mishap. I love this saying... and it is so sad that I have let myself pass up many years and having to have said "man, I wish I had started last year"... I am so excited for March 2013.. because I will be able to look back and see how far I have come... What about you?
So if you aren't there yet mentally... lets get there. I love to talk fitness and weightless. You can find me on Facebook for sure and I would love to chat with you... Let's do this! The Right Way!

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 Here's our stats for this week: 

WLW Stats for BIG SIS:(Cassey)
Starting Weight: 210
Wed. 3/21: -13lbs total 
Wed. 4/3: -16lbs total
Wed. 4/10: -22lbs total
Wed. 4/17: -25lbs total
Wed. 4/25: -29lbs total
Wed. 5/2: -32lbs total
Wed. 5/9: -34lbs total  
Wed.5/16: -34lbs total
Wed. 5/23: -37lbs total
Wed. 5/30: -36lbs total
Wed. 6/6/12: -42lbs total (168)
Wed. 6/13/12: -39lbs total (gotta get with it)

WLW Stats for LITTLE SIS: (Brittany)
Starting Weight: 170
Wed.3/28: -3lbs total
Wed. 4/10: -6.5lbs total
Wed. 4/17: -7.5lbs total
Wed. 4/25: -7.5lbs total
Wed. 5/2: -8.5lbs total
Wed. 5/9: -10.5lbs total 
Wed.5/16: -10.5lbs total
Wed. 5/23: -10.5lbs total
Wed. 5/30: -12lbs total 
Wed. 6/6: on vacation! 
Wed. 6/13/12:-10lbs total     ---"UGH, Post Vacation"