Weight Loss Wednesday #6--Time to Weigh In!

Big Sis here!

So we have officially moved into our house and gotten our things! Our household goods arrived on Friday leaving us with like a thousand boxes, lol. We left immediately after they delivered them to go to Tampa to spend the weekend with our best friends from Japan. I am so glad we did.... but man, I hated coming home to this. This is the longest it has taken me to get things in order... but it will be done one day! :) My eating has been on track this week... (Oh, is it only Wednesday?) I haven't been near as active as I would have liked, but I plan to get the running going again tomorrow. My weight was for sure up, back to where I started, 196lbs which is sad. But I refuse to let it beat me up... and I will continue and I will beat this battle. Next week you guys WILL see a difference.... I am home, in my house, with my stuff.. so I can cook however I want!!! :)

Tonight I prepared homemade hummus. This weekend my friend used hummus on wraps and I loved it! So my husband bought me some last night and he told me I would need to definitely make it myself because it is so expensive... because you know he has already eaten half of the container.. YES HIM! Not me! So tonight I did! I made it and it tastes... ok. I am not in love with it, but happy with it nonetheless. If you have made hummus, I would LOVE to hear how you have made it more tastier. Anyways, I wanted to share below the pictures and what we used.

Garbanzo Beans, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Salt, Veggie Broth -- we ended up adding some coconut oil and spices to spice it up.. but I am still not in love.


I would also love to know how you eat it. I have been dipping cucumber in it and tomato.. yum!!!



So do you have any awesome tips for me with hummus? On how to make it have more of a taste and also what you eat it with? Do share.



For me, Little Sis, this weekend was CRAZY in the eating department.  We have done a ton of updates to our house, and we had my dad and my grandfather-in-law with us Thurs-Sunday.  When it is my husband and I we have been able to make easy meals without a functioning stove/oven, but with two other people working their butts off to make my new house better, I had to feed them well.  So I felt like my whole weekend was spent picking out the next take out meal! I got so tired of eating out!! I tried my best to make smart choices.  And decided over the weekend to stop drinking sweet tea. I really like it, but I don't have to have it! I haven't had any since I decided that on Friday or Saturday.  So that is helpful on lowering my sugar intake!!

Somehow though, I still went down in weight this week.  Only a bit, but that's enough for me!


I can't help but think what my weight would be if I ate better all week, and didn't eat out so much though!! We will have to see!

We go on vacation next week, but I am already making plans for good choices! It will also help that at the end of our vacation I will spend two days starting my YOGA CERTIFICATION!!

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