Winners! Birthday Celebration!!

We are so excited to share the winners of these Giveaways with you! All winners were selected randomly from Rafflecopter! 
Day 1: Ruffle with Love Shirt- Jennifer Kennedy Davis

Day 2: Personalized Tumbler of Choice from Runner Decal- Leah 'Bates' Bosworth

Day 3: Two Giveaways: 

Bracelet from Peace Babi Boutique-Carrie Shirley Randolph 
2 Headbands- Kim Prytherch

Day 4: $20 Gift Card to Magic by Marcy- Brenda Ruiz

Day 5: Two Giveaways:

Classy Cord-Gabby Sida
RooSport- Becky Jordan-Tracey

Day 6: Hustle and Flow Top from Impass Clothing- Lydia White

Day 7: Two Giveaways:

Personalized Keychain- Stacy Hicks
Personalized Mommy Necklace- Constance Harris

Day 8: Lacy Boot Socks from Butteifulgirls- Trish Farrow Ott

Day 9: Brighter Fire SHIRT! -Jen Clement Schomaker

Day 10: Custom Bracelet from Team Neville- Sarah Alexandra

Day 11: $25 Gift Certificate to Clean Mama Printables- Kim DeMoss

Day 12: $25 Gift Card to Strong Confident YOU! -Megan Tenney

Day 13: Pair of Sox Box-Kelly Rolfe Smith

Day 14: ROOSPORT! -Julie Brown Kelleher

Day 15: Brighter Fire SHIRT! -Paula K. Varble

Day 16: -Rina Teel
Sweat Pink Bag 
Collapsible Water Bottle
$15 Starbucks Gift Card
Sweat Pink Laces
Chia Seeds
iRun elastic Laces
Wire Head Wrap
Pearl Nest Ring
Thank you ALL so much for participating... What a great time we had. 
Look for more Giveaways coming up soon!