Wife to Wife Wednesday

I love the Wives of Faith Blog. Have you read it?

They are back with their 2013 Weekly Link Up and I would like to participate as much as I can! They pose a question each week and we can respond on our own blog and link up with other bloggers at their blog. So, let's try this out... I always love to follow Military Wives blogs... so this will be a new way for me to find new blogger friends. Care to join?


What’s your biggest worry right now as a military wife? How do you

deal with it?

 Hm... life has been pretty great since our move from Cali to Texas. For those that are new, my husband has been in the Air Force for 9 years now. We love the life it gives us. He has been a firefighter since before the military and just recently found out he was cross training. We are now in a new career field that is very foreign to us, but honestly, so far- it has been great. Granted, we are only in the training portion of it... but having our family together every night and on weekends has been such a GREAT lifestyle change for us... we have never had that in our marriage!
Right now my biggest worry is the UNKNOWN. But don't we, as military wives, always live with the unknown from day to day? I can't think of what a big worry I have is right now because if the military has taught me one thing it is to go with the flow. The thing is I have no clue what to expect from this job once he starts. I don't know if he will be gone a lot, work shift work, or what? I have no clue. The career field he is going into is so small and many others know little about it as well. But the unknown, as worrisome as it can be, is also what makes living this life so exciting!
In the closer future than what his new job will change for our family we have other things happening. In 2 months we will have our second child- our first baby girl... and less than two months after that- we move again. We have NO clue where we are going at this point. That isn't really something to worry about because really, we have no control... but it is something we all hope to find out sooner rather than later... even on a normal PCS. This is our first experience with cross training, so the whole ordeal has been so foreign to us.
So I guess... my biggest worry right now is--- what on earth does our future hold?