Why I love being a military wife.

Today is Day 5 of a week of participation in the Military Spouse Blog Carnival at Wives of Faith in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation. I have really enjoyed writing these blogs this week! It was a lot of fun!

Today's daily topic from Wives of Faith is: Why I love being a military wife.

Why I love being a military wife.

It is my life, my heart. As I said before, I never thought I would live this life. I love that I can bring honor to my husband and his name by being is quiet sidekick as he does his job. I love that I can be his biggest morale support and his biggest audience. I love that I can make him feel so special when he has had such a hard day at work or on deployment. I love being that person that he calls to, relies on, and needs. I love being here, next to him, supporting him, as he carries out the mission. It has always been important to me that I lift my husband up in my words and my actions. It has also been important that the things I do and say make him look good. I don't want my poor actions or words being a reflection on the kind of man he is. I love being a military wife because I am able to ensure that my husband is taken care of on the home front in order to do his duty on his job. 

This 'job' is hard. It would be easy to throw in the towel, as many do. It requires a lot of dedication and handwork. I would dare to say it requires more than a normal marriage. We spend a lot of time apart because of training, deployments, TDYs... and for those reasons we have to make sure that the time we are together really brings us together. ALL marriages have problems, and we are not an exception, but being able to work through those problems is the key. There are times we have to throw down all of our skeletons and just let it out... but the awesome part is.. if you allow the Lord to work in you, your marriage comes out stronger. I know that what we do is hard but I am so blessed that the Lord called me to this challenge. I can't imagine another life other than being a military wife. 

The opportunities are countless. We have had done so many amazing things since joining the military. We have traveled and visited foreign countries, we have met amazing people, and we have eaten great food. It scares me sometimes to think of what life would have been like had my husband not joined the military. Something that I was so fearful about at first has been the biggest blessing in our life thus far. The military offers so many awesome things on the bases to help families out and it is overwhelming sometimes. It is hard not to look at everything and realize- I am blessed. 

I love living this life because I am able to be the woman that God has called me to be. My husband serves our country and I can serve him. I am so thankful for this opportunity in my life.. and so thankful God chose me to do it!