Why do you Run? Or not...

I wrote this when we first started the fitness blog.. in my last weeks of pregnancy where I am pretty much not active other than walking my son to the park, playing, or going on stroller rides... I am looking for some of my favorite blogs to share.. We have so many new followers, that I felt it was okay to re-share. I love this blog, because it is me... and I want to come back in 2 months and read this when I am gearing up to start running again... as a reminder !:) 

Why would anyone want to run? Trust me, I understand. I use to think the SAME thing. Today I just wanted to share WHY I run. I think a lot of people that run... run for different reasons. Having to sit down and put down on paper WHY you run can be challenging.. but I am eager to do it. Let me start by saying that when I started running, both times (2007, 2012)... I didn't start out with just running. Both times my ultimate goal was weightloss so I was in the gym. I would do the elliptical and then the treadmill. As I lost weight I felt more confident and sure of myself and knew I could do more. Then it was like an addiction. Am I the fastest runner- NO! Chances are if you are a new runner, we would be able to run together well.. I do it because I love it, not to beat people! :)

MY Reasons for Running:


Me Time Ultimately, that is number 1. How often do I truly run alone though? Maybe 1-2 every two weeks. Usually I have the little munchkin with me... and I love it that way. There are days when the husband is home that I ask him to keep him just so I can get better time/mileage.. but for the most part he goes with me because he WANTS to 'go run.' But I do think this is ME time... even if he is with me. We put on music and we go. It is very nice. For those that do not know, I run a daycare... I love it. I love these kids. Somedays I NEEEEED to run more than I want to. Somedays I am more exhausted and just need that breath of fresh air. I am a teacher and taught for five years before moving to California.. which at that time I chose to open an in home daycare so I could be home with this little boy who has my heart. When my son was younger and I taught school and had to leave him at the sitter I felt GUILTY beyond belief going to the gym or anything without him. I know that is an excuse, as I mentioned in my post yesterday... but it was true. The guilt was very, very real... but it was also a very great excuse... Now because I am with him all day I don't feel guilty leaving him behind to go get me time .. but when it is running- he loves to go. Before I started running daily, I went to the gym and he loved to go. He would ask me every afternoon if we were going to the gym... that keeps you going! Once I started really enjoying running outside in this beautiful Cali weather, I dropped my gym membership for a few months so I can focus on my running! All that to say.. My #1 reason for running is to get that ME TIME that I desperately need. It is funny.. if I am stressed, ready to pull my hair out, ready to cry, or in a bad mood.. A Run Helps. So funny.. Who would have thought?

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These boys (+ 1 girl) My son( and daughter) deserve a momma that is fit and active. He deserves to have me there ready to play and get involved in his sports and activities as he gets older. He deserves to be taught how to live a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraged to do so. The mom I am to him since we have started running is so much different than the mom I was during his first 2 years of life. It is awesome and I love it. My son loves to run, go to the gym, and especially go to RACES! Who would have ever thought that a 2 year old would have such a passion for races? He is the best running buddy that I could ask for. Sometimes I get sad I don't have a true running partner here in Cali, but I have to remember- I DO! It is just I am pushing him as we run instead of him running beside me. It is funny... I push him down the road and he pushes me to keep running. At the Color Run that we did a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco it was SO congested with thousands of people that at times we HAD to walk.. When I would stop and walk he would say, "Mom, need to race!" That made my day and THAT, my friends, is a huge reasons why I continue running. My husband deserves a beautiful wife. My husband deserves a sexy wife. Am I there yet- negative.. But the fact that I work so hard at it makes me FEEL beautiful and sexy and makes me seem more beautiful and sexy to him! I love it Nate deserves a wife that is full of energy and can take care of herself. Taking care of myself by running on a regular basis helps me to in return take care of both of my boys. I have more energy to do .. everything. I enjoy being outside more, going on family outings more, and just being with. A happy me makes me such a better wife. I know he is proud and he is happy.. and he is my biggest supporter. Not once has he been negative about me going out running (2x yesterday, mind you) or about any of the races. I am so lucky.


How it makes me feel I was never the athletic one among my friends or family.. I was always the overweight one. Being a runner makes me feel so wonderful. I feel confident and happy. I may not be the smallest girl out there, but I feel great. I eat better and work harder because I am a runner. I set goals because they make me feel good.. and I try and meet them. Becoming a runner has made me feel like I can do ANYTHING. Running makes me feel so strong and man, how it makes me happy. Someone asks me to do something that I have never done or felt comfortable doing- I am all in. I LOVE IT! Because .. I can do anything! :)


Races! Oh my goodness... I love, love, LOVE running races. I never run to win. I never try and beat anyone- but myself. I want to beat my previous time... I would love to be one of those awesome people that actually WIN! But honestly, that isn't what I run for and isn't something I dream will ever happen. I enjoy how it makes me feel when doing races. I enjoy how the boy feels doing races... And I looooove how energetic it is at the races. Especially big ones. When I did the 1/2 in Little Rock it was nuts. Music, People, FUN everywhere. THAT is what pushed me to run those 13.1 miles (can't leave off that .1 when you do it) without stopping! I was SO proud of ME! I am addicted. I live on two websites looking up races. However, I am officially signed up for 3 (now) in August, 4 in September, and 2 in October. For now... I need to stop! This gets costly! :) Have you ever ran a race... what are your thoughts? And if you haven't.. and you are LOCAL.. come on, let's do it! I am all about getting with people and going running.. just seems not to be that many people I have actually met that want to do it like I do! Happy Running, Friends. These are just some of the reasons I run. But mostly, I just love it. Getting back into it is one of the best decisions of my life! I love the person it helps me become. The mommy I am. The wife I am. I love the friends I make through it.

Why do you run... OR what keeps you from running?