Who has TIME?!

Good Morning! 

How many parents do we have that follow this blog? Isn't it exciting to see how we can affect our children and how exercise and correct eating can become important for them just by our actions? I recently saw this picture on FACEBOOK and it really struck me. Seriously, when we were running everyday and I wanted to stop- my little one would be the main reason I would press on. Not only was he there with me, in the stroller, watching... but he would even verbally tell me to 'keep running mommy!' What better motivation do we need?


(I am unsure why, but I can't get this picture to load right, so you are going to have to click on it to see it)

 I love being the example that my almost 3 year old needs! LOVE IT! But I would dare to tell you, if I am honest, that since finding out I am pregnant with #2... I have not been near as active or health conscious I should be. Sadly. I wish that wasn't the case, but it has been... and now I am so out of shape compared to what I Was.. it is hard.

So yesterday I was in my first MOPS meeting at our new town. My first meeting to attend and a nutritionist came to talk about nutrition. She was great. It was great to see many of the things she talked about we do, or have done, and will go back to. There are still so many changes that we need to make, it is always a work in progress. But after she spoke our tables had a discussion time. Fitness came up and how the only time we, as moms, have the time for fitness is after the kids have gone to bed and REALISTICALLY.. we are exhausted by that point. Now, I know I follow many on Facebook or blogs that automatically put this into your day... but when you are someone who is just starting out, it seems to be very intimidating to try and find that time.

I mentioned how great it is to use your kids while exercising... because we all know it is. But of course, as came back to me, when you put videos on, get weights out, do your own workouts, where do the kids go: Below your LEGS!! Right? I understood these ladies. Oh how I have been there. I felt so silly trying to offer tips of how I do it when, quite frankly, I haven't now for about 5 months. That is why running became (still is, will come back) my passion. My boy could go with me, in the stroller, and we got a workout in. We did videos with weights... and he use two cans of tomato paste as his weights. I made time before dinner to go to the gym- with him... but when you have multiple kids, that gets so expensive paying for the care.

I found this article to be very helpful and wanted to share with you. I also really want feedback on how YOU workout with small children? When do you make time during your day? If you are a seasoned 'worker outer' ... how did you START. We all know when starting we need to take baby steps... or it is overwhelming!

Tips for Busy Parents: Exercising with Kids

Age: Infant Through PreSchool

Age: Grade School

  • Try rollerblading or skating together.
  • Spend an afternoon at a park with a playground, but don’t spend the whole time relaxing on the sidelines – join in on the fun. Spend some time swinging to help workout your legs. Try making it across the monkey bars – even just once (it’s a great upper body workout and you’ll be amazed that your kid does it with such little ease). Try some pull-ups using a bar on the playset. Do some tricep dips on a nearby park bench.
  • Play catch with a ball or get a small group together for a kickball or softball game.
  • Make Saturdays family bike outing day.
  • Involve your kids while you strength train. Let them count your reps out loud for you and/or clock your rest time in-between sets.
  • For pool outings, don’t just spend time soaking up the sun. Walk back and forth in shallow water while your kids have fun splashing about.
  • On rainy days that force you inside, walk or run up and down the stairs. You might even make it a contest to see who can finish 5 complete rounds first.

Age: Teenagers

  • Register for a fun run (or walk) event and spend time together training for the event.
  • Purchase a family gym membership and workout together weekly.
  • Play tennis or basketball together.
  • Consider joining a community volleyball or softball team that includes enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Don’t just sit and cheer your kids at their sporting events. Every few minutes do some walking or jumping jacks or squats.
  • Implement a daily family walk each day before or after dinner.
  • Work together in the yard raking leaves, planting flowers, trimming trees.

 Now, what do I want from you?? Comment here and let us know HOW you workout with your small children at your feet? How do you find the time?