What's in my Yoga Bag!?


Since I just launched my new blog, BrittanySuell.com yesterday, I thought this would be a great time to get to know me, the Brittany behind the blog!

So as many of you may know, I am a Yoga instructor! I started my certification (which is a 200hr program) with YogaFit Training in August 2013.  As soon as I completed training for Level 1, I started teaching, I also got pregnant. (Actually, I think I was pregnant while at training, but didn't find out until after.) So I am still in the midst of completing my 200hr Yoga Certification, but I have goals to finish in the summer of 2016! Anyways though, I currently teach yoga at Hardin-Simmons University (where I got both of my degrees), at D1 Abilene (a gym for athletes), and I am about to start teaching free community classes for a local shoe store.

I absolutely love Yoga. I started taking Yoga classes while in college and loved how deceivingly challenging it was! I was shocked after taking my first class and being so sore! I loved the soreness! So I kept up with it. Throughout the years, yoga has been different things to me. Sometimes a source of exercise, sometimes a source of therapy, at times it was my avenue to get away and have time for myself. Yoga has been there for me when I have gone through some of the roughest things in life (i.e. the tragic death of my brother, and more recently a miscarriage).

So, needless to say, Yoga has a special place in my heart! I also attribute part of my wonderful birthing experience to the fact that I did Yoga during 8.5 months of pregnancy, (the other parts I attribute to the grace and favor of God). As well as getting back into shape after baby; I can give all that credit to Yoga, because with a bummed knee for several months, all I did was Yoga for the first 4 months post baby, and I love almost all of my weight by then, which was about 70lbs (WOAH I know!).

Now that you know how much I love Yoga, and why, let's talk about what all I need when I go to Yoga! I'm linking up for the Friday Five linkup with "What's in my Gym Yoga Bag!"What's in my Yoga bag by @BrittanySuell

Top 5 things I keep in my Yoga mat....Well let's start with the obvious,

  1. A Yoga Mat & Yoga Block/Strap of course! -My go-to Yoga Mat is from Lululemon. My husband bought it as a gift for me when I went for my first Yoga Training in August 2013, and I have loved it ever since. My block and strap are cheapos from Marshall's, but it does the trick.
  2. My journal with various Yoga classes written down in it. -I used this religiously when I first began teaching. Not as much anymore.  Sometimes I will still use it to be reminded of a Flow I enjoyed teaching previously, or if I am doing all new things, just so I remember the order of class.
  3. Water Bottle! -I am a water drinker. Other than coffee, (and the occasional sweet tea which I am mostly giving up), I drink water, water, water! So I have to have a water bottle with me! Especially for those hot yoga sessions!
  4. Chapstick. -Yep, I'm one of those. I like my lip glosses and my chap sticks! I do not enjoy dry lips! And just to be specific, it's the vaseline chapstick....my favorite!
  5. Pouch with Essential Oil Blend & Mat Cleaner. -First off, my mat gets super dirty, so I got mat cleaner as a gift once, and I have loved carrying it around with me. Plus it's the perfect size for my little travel pouch. Next, my essential oil blend given to me by a fellow Yoga instructor. I love using this at the end of some of my classes.

So there you have it! My Yoga journey, and what's in my Yoga bag!!

Tell me, what's the WEIRDEST or MOST RANDOM thing in your gym/yoga bag!?!? 

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