What Yoga Means to Me As a Mommy! + the launch of the #LoveYourHIps Challenge

Today for #MommyMonday I'm sharing something very close to my heart. And I don't just mean Yoga, but what Yoga became for me as a mommy after I lost my baby 2 years ago to a miscarriage.  My sister and I were so excited because we were pregnant at the same time! We announced it on the blog here!

It was Mother's Day 2 years ago, I was about 6 weeks pregnant. My husband and I had been married for 3.5years, and we were so excited to be having a baby. That day, we had driven to Ft. Worth, TX to meet his mom at the zoo, and spend the day with her. Then, of course, all of us being excited about the Suell Baby that was coming, and it being her first grandchild, we went to Buy Buy Baby, and we bought some fun (gender neutral) things for the baby! After our little shopping trip we planned to make the 2.5 hour drive back to Abilene, TX. 

On our drive, we stopped at a gas station for a potty break. It was there that I saw it. The dreaded red spot. BLOOD. Not much, but enough to worry me. Now I am certainly not one to worry or think the worst about things. I am huge on speaking positive things and so I was hesitant to say anything to my husband, but inside I was freaking. So quickly after getting to the car I told my husband. We both tried not to worry about it. (it didn't work too well). I began googling details on finding blood while pregnant. 

The next morning I woke up cramping very badly, and knew that was a sign of miscarriage, along with the blood. We called the doctor. I sat in my closet, staring at myself in the mirror, KNOWING. I knew that at that moment, the day after celebrating being a Mom that I was losing my baby. And the worst part about it. I COULD DO NOTHING! I cried, a lot. 


So where does Yoga come in?? 

How Yoga helped me heal after having a miscarriage! #MommyMonday @brittanysuell

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Well for me, during this time of loss, questioning, stress, frustration, grief, sadness, Yoga became something so special for me. 

If you've ever lost someone, even a baby to miscarriage, you know that in your time of morning, life continues on whether you go with it or not. So in the midst of still having to work, take care of our three host students that lived with us, and my husband being out of the country, when I went to Yoga class, it was time for ME and only me! 

It was a time to be still, to have time to be introspective. Even the working hard and sweating had healing power. I was taking an hour out of my day to calm my mind, clear my thoughts, and focus on myself. I loved that. I NEEDED that! My mat was a place of healing and contentment for me. 

So for me as a mommy, even now, Yoga is still so special to me. When you live a busy life full of going going going, you need to make time for yourself. You need to make time where you aren't thinking of everyone else, or the next thing on your to-do list. And my mat is the special place where I get to do that. The place where I get to check out of life, and focus on ME! 

I would love for you to try Yoga, and make it special for you. It has some much to offer, for your body physically, and for you emotionally, and refreshing mentally. 

So if you want to get started, today launches the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge on Instagram! You can read about the details here, and join us on Instagram


Have you ever found Yoga to be a place of healing, or peace for you? 

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