What #NoExcuses Means to Me!

What #NoExcuses Means to Me! With @brittanysuell & @Fitapproach I have been taking part in the #NoExcuses Challenge hosted by Sweat Pink! Basically it's a challenge to get you moving, no matter what! #NOEXCUSES right!! What better way to start the year than putting any excuses that come up aside and keep moving! Ya that's what I was trying to tell myself yesterday when I was not living in the #NoExcuses attitude! Yesterday everything was hard for me...eating well, getting active, cleaning my house....I felt so lazy! Probably had something to do with the fact that my son is hard core teething and so I was holding him most of the day! Still that was no excuse for wanting to eat everything in my pantry! Especially carbs!!! 

So today! I am writing this, not only to INSPIRE YOU, but also to MOTIVATE MYSELF! I need to remember why I choose to live a life of NO EXCUSES, and what #NoExcuses means to me! 

 What #NoExcuses Means to Me! With @brittanysuell & @Fitapproach

To me, living a life of #NoExcuses has everything to do with who I am, who I have become, and who I am continually growing to be! If I let excuses get in the way of who I am, then I wouldn't have 2015 goals, I wouldn't be on a journey (albeit hard at times) to give up sugar in 2015, and I wouldn't be kicking my butt to run multiple half marathons in 2015! None of these things are easy by any means, I guess that's what makes them goals. If goals were easy, then really there would be no point in making them because you would have nothing to try for! 

I guess you could say striving for a life of #NoExcuses is also part of the passion behind the Brittany Suell blog! If you notice at the top it quotes, "LEAVING A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY!" This quote means so much to me, and I would love for you to adopt it as well and let it mean a lot to you! It drives who I am as a woman, a blogger, a wife, a mom, a person! No matter what, we all leave a legacy! Whether for thousands of people, or just one. Even if my legacy is left for just one person, I want it to be a legacy that means something to them! I believe that when you live a healthy and active lifestyle, then you can live life to your fullest! When you are healthy you can do so many things in life, you can achieve so much, it sets you up for success in all areas! Therefore, I am striving to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so that with those around me: family, children, friends, acquaintances, even strangers in some instances can be impacted to do the same! I WANT THAT TO BE MY LEGACY!

So....what does #NoExcuses mean to me.....it means that I am, "LEAVING A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY" by pushing myself past my whiney limits, and going further, and being all that I can be! 

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I hope you are encouraged today! 

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