WHAT is a Virtual Race?!

I have recently been introduced to the world of Virtual Races... I LOVE IT! As if the local races weren't enough for me and my pocketbook. So what is a virtual race?
Simply put.. it is a race put together to allow anyone from anywhere to participate. I would dare to say... it is based on the honor system. Though I would imagine if you were to take the time to sign up for the virtual race you would do it! Most virtual races I have seen so far do still have a fee and also offer a 'prize.' Right now I have joined 3 virtual races and am about to join another one soon.
What I love about the virtual races is that most I have seen are being put on for a VERY good cause.. and it seems that most are for something close and personal to the leader's heart. This makes it more personal to me and makes me want to join in to help the cause. As I complete the virtual runs that I am signed up for currently, I will write about them and you will understand what I mean!
Honor System, Baby! 
Have you ever put on a Virtual Race? This intrigues me and I would love to hear feedback on what you do to host one... you know, for the future. I think they are great when they are for a great cause... or even a Fun One.. those are good too!!
Some people offer really nice 'bling' and some even have bibs.. Much like a normal race, but doing it on your own. I really think it would be a lot of fun if a group of people participated in a Virtual Race together.
This is the medal I will be receiving for a 10K Breast Cancer that I signed up for! 
I just completed my FIRST Virtual 10K tonight, but first I wanted to share with my readers what a Virtual Run is... :) 
-Big Sis
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