What in the Flip is a FLIP BELT!??

Have you ever heard of a Flip Belt!??

They are pretty great! There are several types of belts or pockets out there for carrying your phone, keys, money, etc. while working out, running, and biking. But the flip belt has some pretty cool things about it that make it very unique.

Here's a list of a few great things about it: 

-Holds a larger amount of items than most

-Easy access to items while also being very secure

-Fits close to your body, doesn't bounce or get in your way

-Has a reflective logo on it


Now to exaggerate on these topics a little more.

1) Holds a larger amount of items than most workout belts

The Flip Belt is made from a circular tube that goes seamlessly around your waste, so there is room all around your waste to put items in.  When I use mine I usually only put my phone and keys in it.  Lately though I have needed chap stick while I run so this belt is really handy.  Here's a photo where I was able to put my phone, keys, money, and chap stick in the flip belt.  And the awesome thing is that I can put those items all around my waste so it's not bulky in just one area.


2)Easy access to items while also being very secure

So as I said before you can put things all around the belt, but there is still easy access to each item because there are four slits in the belt around your waste to allow you to get your personal items out when needed.  These slits have no zipper or button, so you don't have to mess with that while working out.  "Wouldn't my items fall out!?" you may ask? No because it is also secure.   After you put your items in the belt you FLIP it over to secure all your items.  Get it..."Flip!?"



3) Fits close to your body, doesn't bounce or get in your way

Then once you flip the belt over, it stays secure to your body.  Even with multiple items around the tube, it stays secure against your body.  I love the way it looks like a yoga band on the top of your shorts or pants.  It fits that way too, secure, and out of your way.


4) Has a reflective logo on it

The reflective logo is on the side that you flip it to.  It adds a little extra value to the belt because anything you can do to be more safe while out and about it great! Well I'm speaking from a runners point of view, this wouldn't matter if you were just in the gym :-) But for me, when running around my neighborhood, I like to do whatever I can to be safe, and reflective gear, even small things help out a lot!


5) Trendy

The last thing I love about the Flip Belt is that it is trendy! It comes in a bunch of great colors!! And like I said it looks like a yoga band, so you can really use it any time, or keep wearing it after your workout if you need to.


Here's a great video to check out to see the Flip Belt in action:

Flip Belt video

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