What Do You SEE?

*This post was written on September 12... but because of the Birthday Bash it was not posted*

What do you see???
When you look in the Mirror?
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It looks like this post is going to talk about your physical attributes, but no.. no friends, it is not! 
Can I be honest with you guys for a little bit? Without you judging me?
I am struggling. Have been now for 15 days. How do I know it has been that long? Because 15 days ago I ran the 1/2 Marathon. I did awesome, I felt on top of the world... I was so proud of ME. 
Since then.. many things have been happening. GREAT things. Sister and I are starting lots of awesome things.. but these awesome things take a lot of our evening time so we can work together... and with that I am forgetting about a very important aspect of this whole journey: MYSELF. 
I am not giving myself the time I need to prepare meals, instead I am grabbing whatever I can grab and shoving it in my mouth. Luckily we don't really have junk food. L.U.C.K.I.L.Y.
I have not been taking the time needed at night to complete my runs. After the 1/2 Marathon I was out for a few days.. I felt weak and my back was bad. It had been hurting for a while before the run.. and it just needed a break. Since then.. I honestly can not find my MoJo to run! 
This is where it gets hard... Tonight was my FIRST time to run, without it being a race, since that 1/2 marathon 15 days ago. Do you realize how much can change in 15 days when you are eating like crap and not working your body the way you should be?
I have lost 35 pounds since March. I had lost 45, but those other 10 I have just played with. I would really love to lose these ten pounds and keep going.. I just weighed in this morning to share with my accountability partner.. and it was hard. Hard to admit I let myself gain weight that had already been lost. But today I am determined to get my mindset back on track. To start thinking about ME again. 
I love me. I love me even more when I am focused on a healthy and active lifestyle. Let's do this!! 
I know we all have moments like this.. right? So my question for you is what do you do to find your mojo and get it back?? Please comment and let us know- because I know this is what everyone struggles with at some time .. right?
-Big Sis
*The next day I found out I was pregnant.. explains a lot of the feelings I had during those 15 days*