What Color Do you SWEAT?!?

By now many of you have heard me talk about Sweat Pink, have seen it on my Facebook page on the About Me, or have seen the button my FB or right here on this blog! I have had many questions on what exactly being a Sweat Pink Ambassador is and today I am going to tell you what it means to me!

As you all know I have changed the 'old' me drastically in the past few months and have embraced a healthier, active lifestyle. Though I still have a ways to go in regards to my body-- the fact is I am working on it! It is amazing the doors that has opened for me since changing my lifestyle. One of these changes includes becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I read about Fitness Approach and their Sweat Pink Program for weeks before deciding to apply to be an Ambassador...but I was SO excited when I was accepted into this family. What does this mean?

No, it is not a job and no I do not get paid... what happens is that I have been invited and embraced into this healthy, happy family that promote the same concepts that I myself have been trying to portray to my family and friends. I have joined a family who enjoys working and playing hard. We all enjoy sharing our passion of a healthy lifestyle and it is so awesome to have kindred spirits on this journey. Finding like minded people when trying to live a healthy lifestyle or aiming to become more active can be hard for some people.... and that has proven true for me... Becoming part of the Sweat Pink Ambassador Family has given me those like minded people... 

SPA (Sweat Pink Ambassadors) have a passion to helping and encouraging people.. and that is ME! I want to be able to share with people the things that I have learned. I am a work in progress, YES... but I have come so far too. It wasn't long ago that running even for one minute was impossible in my eyes.. and I felt I was going to die. I understand. I am so excited for this position because as a SPA, I feel like I can encourage those that feel they can't do it- just like I did. 

SPAs believe that STRONG is the new SKINNY! For the first time in my life... I believe that. I don't have to be itty bitty skinny to be healthy and strong. It is so awesome to truly feel this way now AND to have people surrounding me, even if only in the internet world, that support and believe this as well. 

So as a SPA I get to sport all kinds of Pink Swag. Who wouldn't want that? I am so excited. I got half of my swag in the mail the other day and I have a couple more things on their way. I signed up for the SP Race Program before applying for the Ambassador program. I am stoked to get my race gear in the mail so I can promote SP as I run the races. 

Most importantly, I hope that being a SPA will help me to continue to be dedicated, become more educated, and to continue to inspire others around me. I have such a passion to help others and to become MORE and MORE active... I hope that being a SPA can help! 

I love, love, love that I get to sport my PINK shoelaces while I run! It is so fun to mix the girly in with my hard work and sweat!!! 

So those that have wondered about this crazy pink SPA business... here you have it. My goal is to work hard and inspire others!!