Well-Living Wednesday- You Only Get One Body....Better Take Care of It

You only get one body....better take care of it!

Let that sink in for a minute!

Yesterday I read a blog post by Dr. Pragati from "Simple Medicine" about her 3 Healthy Living Tools, and this was the last one on her list.

"3. Gentleness

Surprised by this one? Don’t be! Being kind to oneself is the ultimate healthy living tool. You only have one life and one body. To me, this means understanding that there are times when workouts will be skipped and canned soup will be consumed. The important part is that you remember your good habits and always treat yourself with gentleness and love."

This really stuck out with me! I realized that it is so true! Being KIND TO OUR BODY IS SO IMPORTANT!

be kind

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Many times at the closing of my Yoga Classes I will encourage people to be thankful for their bodies, all that they are capable of doing, and for being strong in all that we put them through.  But I have found a new realization of how true this is! We are given ONE BODY! And although some people have various issues that arise in their bodies, we need to be thankful for what we are given, and treat our bodies good!

Obviously this means through eating healthy, etc.  I talked about this some in my 'Made to Crave Week 1' Book Review, about our body being a temple. Yesterday though, it hit me that it means more than just the food we put in our bodies.  It is important to be easy on our bodies on the outside as well.  You should know your body, be aware of your body, and listen to it.  If it is telling you to rest a day, or a week, then do it! If it is telling you not to push harder in a workout, then be OKAY where you are for that day, in your workout!

This speaks so heavily to me right now since I am experiencing some knee pain, and have had to sit out from running.  So badly I have wanted to put a knee brace on, and go out and run, pushing through the pain.  (Even though the doctor told me to rest from running for 3-6 weeks).  It is so hard sometimes to ease up on our bodies when we are used to pushing ourselves.  Especially for me, I just sat out from running while I was pregnant, so I was so excited to get started, and be on track to a half marathon this Fall.....WRONG!

My body had something else in mind!

But instead of being frustrated and upset with my body, today I am going to change my outlook on things!


I choose to be gentle with my body, to not push it beyond it's limits, to listen to what it is telling me, and to respect it and treat it well!

After all, I only get one shot.....this is the only Body I'll be getting on this earth!

Oh, and just an update, here's my WEIGHTLOSS STATS:

WLW Stats: Week 1: -0 lbs Week 2: -1.4lbs Week 3: -0 lbs Week 4: -0lbs Week 5: -.4lbs Week 6: -1lb Week 7: -1lb (157.8lbs) Week 8: -0lbs Week 9: -0lbs

Week 10:-2.10lbs

Week 11: -.2lbs

Week 12: -0lbs

Week 13: -1.1lbs 

Week 14: -.2lbs (153.3lbs) Total: -7.3lbs

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.28.14 PM