Welcome to the new BrittanySuell.com


It's officially 2016, and I'm officially launching my new website....www.brittanysuell.com! 

I am so excited about this year and all I have to offer! 

I am taking a whole new approach this year! I have gathered my passions, the way I love to help people and see them live their best life, and have put them all in one place! A place that I hope you can come to and feel welcomed, supported, and ignited to go after your dreams! 

This year my #1 goal is to help you...

Take the overwhelm out of life by offering you simple solutions to live a healthy & fit life.

I have brought together cooking, fitness services, and the sugar free lifestyle. All with a goal of making living the healthy and fit life that you desire to live, SIMPLE! 

To do this, I am providing three main services in 2016: 

  • Simply Cook- here you will find ways to make meal prepping and freezer meals work for your busy life. Get back more time, save money, and enjoy simple, healthy recipes for you and your family! 
  • Simply Fit-Workout with Me! Follow me on Instagram for weekly workout videos that are simple, easy to do at home, but that work you out! Plus if you are local, join me for a class or talk to me about my Private Yoga Sessions! 
  • Simply Sugar Free-I won't lie, I am most excited about this! In 2015, I completed my goal of going Sugar Free for an entire year! I reaped the benefits of gaining control of my cravings, losing weight, and not struggling with the ups-and-downs of the scales, plus more energy, and so much more. Now, I'm ready to offer you these same benefits with my 21 Day Sugar Free Academy! Launching in 2016, I will be taking on a small group of individuals for my Pilot Academy! I cannot wait to help more people take on the sugar free lifestyle and see how it literally changes their lives! Go HERE to sign up to get notified when sign-ups open! 

Plus you can still expect to get weekly inspiration, recipes, and tips from my #SimplyHealthy Blog

So take some time, hang out a bit, and check out the new space, seeing what all I have to offer! And let me know what you love about it, and what you are excited about for 2016!