Weight Loss Wednesday #7

Well it is that time again! Wednesdays seem to sneak up on us! LOL! Little Sis is enjoying a vacation with her husband ... and starting her yoga training this weekend! I am so excited for her. Have I ever told you how special she is to me? Seriously. I admire my sister so much and just who she is. She is genuinely an amazing person. I am so thankful to have her as my best friend and even MORE thankful that she is my sister!! With that said.. let us get on to WLW.

I weighed for you and did not take a picture before I started my breakfast. I am down 2lbs this week.. and I am okay with that!!!! I am 194 and this makes me happy! It may not be much of a change, but two pounds in one week is NOT too shabby and in reality, I am doing great and that makes me even happier.

On Monday I am starting a 90 day challenge with friends and I can't wait until the end of it to see what has changed. It is going to be SO exciting to see how I have changed mentally AND physically. I am starting a new workout routine (or geez, a real workout routine if I am honest) on Monday and it is scary but oh, so exciting! As much as I have tried to make it a priority the past couple of week since getting settled, I haven't... but it will be come Monday for the 90 day challenge!

So yea.. I want to share with you something I posted on our Weight Loss Wednesday group yesterday.. I am copy and pasting it as I wrote it:

"Um.. so.. yea this just happened. A lady came to pick something up from my house that she was buying and I thanked her for coming to get it and she said "Yea when you said you were new to the area, I thought I should just come to you".. da da da. So she starts explaining the area and how she works in the outdoor mall yada yada yada. And she says "I work at Lane Bryant. I don't know if you have ever heard of that or not... I mean, I don't mean this rude, but you would probably like it because we carry plus size clothes!" WHAT THE HECK! Who says that to someone. *crying* *making a change* *open mouth, insert food, much?*"

I have to keep reminding myself, I only had a baby 2 months ago.. and I am not one that can bounce by to what I was.. for me to lose it takes me to really focus and be on track..

So thank you sweet lady for reminding me that I am fat and have a long way to go.. but no, I do NOT intend to shop in the plus size stores, because I have clothes in my closet I want to get back into.. and I will. By no means was I upset.. I was just baffled she would say this to someone she knows. My own mom would not say that to me, let alone someone that I don't know. I am sharing with you because it gave me a rude awakening on how other people see me... and how I MUST keep focus on myself and get where I am going...

But for you- make sure you are careful as to what you say to people when it comes to how they look.. let us be mindful and sensitive not to hurt peoples feelings! :)