Weight Loss Wednesday #5

Here we are.. 5 weeks in on our WLW blogs! It is hard to believe we have been writing about this for five weeks. It is even harder for me to realize that I have been so in tune with my body for five weeks. I feel awesome and I am so thankful to have this blog to help keep me motivated. 
I am so happy to announce that I am now 25 pounds down! I can't believe it. It really is awesome. I am trying to stay motivated and encouraged every day. I try and be mindful of what I am putting in my mouth each day as well. It seems that being more aware has definitely helped me these past weeks. 
Last night I made a comment to my husband about how the food I was making me has become my "chocolate"... what I mean is I have found a new addiction, if you will, in regards to food. My favorite food these days is popcorn. Just plain, air popped, popcorn. I also wondered out loud last night what it would be like to eat the buttery popcorn that comes in packages or even at the theaters. I am afraid I would not like it. I have become quite the fan of just air popped popcorn. 

What is your favorite healthy snack? 

Technology-Weight Loss come together!! 
Recently I have been using a new app on my iphone to help me keep up with calories that I eat. The app is called My Fitness Pal and it is FREE, which is great! It allows you to set yourself up in the beginning by putting your weight-to-date, then your goal weight, and it tells you how many calories you should have a day to lose that weight.  It is great, and it has so many different kinds of food in it's database, it is easy to find anything! It is really helpful when you are out to eat because you can see how many calories you are sacrificing at a restaurant! It is very interesting and has really made me aware of what I am eating and choosing to buy.  You can also enter in your daily fitness  and workouts and that adds to your goals.  I would definitely encourage you to try it out since it is FREE.  Let me know if you try it and how you like it! 
WLW Stats for BIG SIS:
Starting Weight: XXX (held private for now)

Wed. 3/21: -13lbs total

Wed. 4/3: -16lbs total

Wed. 4/10: -22lbs total

Wed. 4/17: -25lbs total

Starting Weight: 170

Wed. 3/28: -3lbs total

Wed. 4/10: -6.5lbs total

Wed. 4/17: -7.5lbs total

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