Weight Loss Wednesday #5

Well hello, hello. Big Sis here.. I am so happy to report that we are in Florida enjoying life now. We just moved into a house yesterday and our stuff will be here on Friday... so that means, I still do not have a scale. No worries though, there isn't much activity going DOWN (literally) with the scale, sadly. I know because of how hard it has been for me to make good choices while being on the road and in hotels. Today was our first real day in our home and I started it out right with a run.. and later we went for a family walk. I ate very well today, so I am really hoping I can get adjusted to it all again and just.. Go With It.

What I can't wait for the most is getting to that point where I am 'loving to run' again. I miss that feeling. The feeling is definitely not there right now... but in due time. I plan to get up in the morning and run a little bit longer than I did today... I mentioned to a friend that we need to sign up for a half marathon so we can have motivation to really be running and training for something... she said she is game, so I am like.. what! what!!! So when she gets to Florida we have to find one to do.. hopefully in the fall sometime.

I am so blessed with two amazing kids.. when I looked at them I remember my WHY! My why I want to be healthy and fit... I remember it, but it is a challenge getting back to that point- back to wear I was 12 months ago.. but I will get there. I haven't been as active on our Weight Loss Wednesday Group on FB either... but now that we have a house and internet is up and running, I intend to be more active there... This will help me for sure. I hope you are all doing well on your journey of becoming more fit and healthy.


Hello everyone! Week 5, or right over a month since we started this thing! I have to say I am proud of myself! Here's some highlights of my month according to weightloss, healthy eating, & exercise:

-I have lost 6.5-7 pounds

-I have consistently worked out through Cross Fit, Yoga, & Running

-I have have a rocky move during this month and still ended up on top of my game

-I have eaten out more this month than normal, but my other eating has really affected my weightloss

-Although I haven't done a perfect 80-20 (%) clean eating because of the difficulties of moving and not having a funcitoning kitchen, I have still bought mostly clean food, and focussed on eating lots of raw veggies & fruits!

-I have juiced or eaten a smoothie for at least one replacement meal about 5 days a week

-Today when I put on my denim button up shirt I noticed that it was loser (I was ready to give my nice denim EXPRESS SHIRT away because it was getting too tight)

-Yesterday a good friend mentioned that she could tell I have lost some weight

-I am officially now staying in the 150's instead of in the 160's when weighing in!

weightloss wednesday

So here is my weigh in for this week! I think the points I wrote above say enough!

If not though, let me just say I am thankful that I am in control of my body and my decisions, and that food is not controlling me!

I am thankful for the push that Weight Loss Wednesday is giving me!

I am thankful for the vulnerability & encouragement that our Weight Loss Wednesday group brings!

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