Weight Loss Wednesday #10

It is so very exciting to me that we have continued with WLW blogs for 10 weeks. I look how far I have come in this time and I hope that you have done the same. We would love to hear from you about your WL challenges and successes... tips, recipes! Anything. Feedback is always awesome and when it comes to helping each other... what more can we do... so share with us how you are. I do not know who all reads this blog... but I can tell you, you guys are such a huge part in why I am becoming successful! You guys help hold me accountable. You will never know.. Thank you.
This week I reached a milestone. I hit the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant: 26 months ago. Sad to me that I let myself go for over 2 years... but so exciting that I am finding myself again. I am loving me so much... and it makes me love my husband, son, and friends even more. My husband said it to me so perfect tonight:

"This fits you. You are so much happier, goal-driven, and well just happier when you are fit and active. When you aren't you become complacent, depressed, no eagerness to do anything, and lose your joy." 
I love him so much and that he knows me so well. I only wish that food didn't have such a stronghold on me. I have really come a long ways with this and I feel great. 
I have really began to looooove working out again! My son and I have so much fun going to the gym! However, in the past two weeks it has been so beautiful outside... so I have been skipping out of the gym and either working on my garden or running in the beautiful weather. I am growing a love for running again. It feels so great! My 6 month gym membership expires on 30May. I have decided NOT to renew it.  Why? I feel like it will not be utilized to make it worth the money during the summer months. We also purchased a home gym a while back and my husband is going to move it inside and we are going to begin  using it together. My biggest worry about getting rid of the membership is the lack of strength training- but with our home gym, I will be set! :) 

With the money I will be saving, I am finally getting something I have always wanted...  I am so very excited about my newest purchase... I purchased a Garmin GPS Watch. I am so eager to get it and it should be here today!! This awesome watch not only tells time but also will tell me how many calories I have burned, my heart rate, how many miles I ran, and my pace. It will do so many other things too... but this is just the basic things that I want it for! 
I am doing my first race (since 2008) on Monday. It is Memorial Day so my daycare is closed.... and I am running a 5K. I can't wait. I am doing it alone with my little boy... I hope to find a couple more this summer to do. My schedule is just so odd... that it is hard to plan runs! 
A new thing we are starting this week with Weightloss Wednesday is that we will be pinning fitness/workout stuff to our new "Fitness Motivation" board on Pinterest! Follow us there to get motivated!! 

Here's our stats for this week: 
WLW Stats for BIG SIS:(Cassey)
Starting Weight: 210
Wed. 3/21: -13lbs total 
Wed. 4/3: -16lbs total
Wed. 4/10: -22lbs total
Wed. 4/17: -25lbs total
Wed. 4/25: -29lbs total
Wed. 5/2: -32lbs total
Wed. 5/9: -34lbs total  
Wed.5/16: -34lbs total
Wed. 5/23: -37lbs total

WLW Stats for LITTLE SIS: (Brittany)
Starting Weight: 170
Wed.3/28: -3lbs total
Wed. 4/10: -6.5lbs total
Wed. 4/17: -7.5lbs total
Wed. 4/25: -7.5lbs total
Wed. 5/2: -8.5lbs total

Wed. 5/9: -10.5lbs total 
Wed.5/16: -10.5lbs total
Wed. 5/23: -10.5lbs total