Weight Loss Wednesday #1



Those of you that have been around a while with us remember us doing Weight Loss Wednesday. When Big Sis first started WLW in March of 2012,  it was to help hold her accountable. It has been two years since she had her son and she was ready to get serious again. WLW truly was such a blessing in her life as she managed to reach her goals in the coming months... before getting pregnant with Baby #2. We are so excited to do this again and hope that you will chose to join us on this journey! Todays blog will cover what we want to see come from WLW this go around and how YOU can be a part of it... and Big and Lil Sis will both give a brief narrative of where they stand right now in regards to WLW. One thing different this time is we are going to be completely REAL with you... last time we shared pounds lost week by week.. This time we are going to be taking pictures, showing pictures of our scales, and measurements! So hold on tight... and continue on this journey with us!

Big Sis here. Today is 5 weeks since my baby girl was born! I am READY, READY, READY to get on track again! This time it is not going to take me 2 years! Next week I will get my clear to workout and I am so ready. I tried to do it early on and my body wasn't ready.. so I am waiting it out! The hardest part of WLW for me this time is going to be being brutally honest with my weight. This time, a year later... we have many more followers- many which know me in 'real life'... and that is a little intimidating! I didn't eat myself out of house and home with our little girl like I did our first born ... with him I gained close to 80pounds. By the end of it with our little girl, I was up  42. I didn't beat myself up over it. The first 20 was actually gained in the first 3 months. I wasn't as active as I always wanted to be with a second baby, but it is what it is.. and I am okay with it. My starting weight with our little girl was 178... Not small.. but still I felt so fit. I was fit. I was running so well.. daily and just loving life. I had just completed my first month of Cross Fit... I refuse to let the scale define me!! It will not this time either for sure! I am eager to begin this journey with all of you and we are so excited for those of you that are joining in with us and logging your food, sharing recipes, working out, and keeping track of your weight and inches! So let's get started... here is Big Sis' weight!



Now it's time for Little Sis to share.....so this sucks, but I am just going to be honest! I would say that I am up 15lbs from my normal weight...although my normal weight hasn't been "normal" in over a year and a half.  It started in August 2011, I remember that was when we brought our host students into our house. Maybe it was adjusting to a new busy "mom" schedule, plus being in night time graduate school, and working a lot of nights.   I don't know what happened, but somehow the weight just came on, and I don't want to blame it all on circumstance.  I gained about 10 lbs that year of having the boys.  So normal weight, I don't know if I could call it that, but it was around 150lbs.  Then last summer I started running.  I ran my first half marathon in the Fall, and my second in the Spring. I am so proud of those accomplishments.  And I have been working out so much more, and yet still I put on 5 more lbs this semester.  It's rather annoying, but I have realized that a lot of that comes from what I eat.  I may eat well a meal every now and then, but mostly, even after working out I still eat what I want.  So eating is definitely changing, which I will explain on Friday when I post about #theSuellsEatClean :-)

Anyways, I have just gotten to a put of UGH with myself! Seriously, although I'm working out, I am literally seeing NO changes in my body.  Actually if anything it is changes for the worst! I HATE wearing blue jeans these days because they are all too tight on me.  I look through my closet for as many work appropriate dresses that I can wear! I remember when I first got married, I worked out hard and ate very differently than I do now, and I remember trying on lingerie for my besties at my shower and thinking, "Man I look good! I feel good!" My body had really changed! I want to feel like that again!

So, like Big Sis said, although Weightloss Wednesday is hard because you get to be so vulnerable, it is such a great source of accountability! So, here is my weight!

weight 6.17.13

little signautres

So how can you join in!?!

We are starting focus groups for July!

Here's how it works!

-You sign up with us

-You join our facebook support/challenge group! In the group you will have access to recipes, workouts, coaching, and encouragement from other members in the group!

-You choose to do either a Cleanse or Shake for the challenge, or you can do both products.  See HERE for details

-Take Before & After photos, weight and measurements

-Each participate gets a FREE Bondi Band for finishing the challenge!

-1 Lucky WINNER from EACH Focus Group will WIN a BodyFX Sample pack plus some Naturally Fit Sisters products! (we will do a random drawing at the end of those that participated)

Now What!?!?

Just email or facebook us and let us know you are interested in joining the CHALLENGE!!


We want each person to be able to set personal goals, and work together with this community to accomplish those Summer Goals!! We want to create an environment where people can share their struggles or accomplishments! Where they can be encouraged on hard days, or be the encourager for others when they need to be! We want you to set a goal, and ACHIEVE it this summer!

Now it's up to you!


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