Weekly Chase #6

Wow! Time totally got away from both of us last week and we did not even post our Weekly Chase! But we will continue this week. 
If you haven't heard about the Weekly Chase that our friend over at Live, Love, Run does each week- you should really go over and read about it. Even if you don't blog, it is an awesome way to keep weekly goals and try and reach them! If you want to know more about the Weekly Chase go HERE.

Big Sis here:
I have to admit, in the past two weeks I have not held myself accountable to much of anything and I believe a part of it is the lack of commitment I am making myself by not writing it down. Today I begin again. I have my goals written down and I am ready to go with it! Life is really busy for both of us right now... but we still have to make the time for us. I have found in the past two weeks that I am letting other things take priority and forgetting that I am important and forgetting that my feet need to be hitting the pavement. Thank you for walking this journey with me and motivating me as I continue. 
My Goals for This Week:

1. To run 15 miles Monday-Friday. I have a race on Saturday so I do not want that to count toward   my 15 miles. 
2. To get at least 5 more Birthday Celebration Posts completed. 
3. To complete 2 Guests Posts on our blogs. 
4. Log what I eat daily.
5. Water, Water, Water! 
Those aren't too hard.. right? I can do it! I can do it! I will do it!! 

Little Sis:
After working so much during the first of school I have been slacking on keeping up with my running goals.  Although I am proud that I have been able to increase in running, I hit the 8 MILE MARK YESTERDAY....I have been slacking in consistently running and building endurance like I was before August.  I plan this week to kick it back in gear with a lot of short runs and 1 or 2 long runs a week.  Because the 8 miles yesterday was way harder than it should have been.  Plus with work slowing down now, I want to be more on top of things with our blog and store! 
My Goals for This Week:
1. To run 20 miles this week
2. To stay on track with my family weekly menu
3. To be at home and continue to evaluate my schedule and talk to my husband before making plans outside of the home
4. To stay on top of blogging and get posts done ahead of time
5. To get estimated prices done for all of my cushion/pillow sales that I have gotten messages on from my Etsy store! 
Set goals for YOU!

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