Weekly Chase #3

If you haven't heard about the Weekly Chase that our friend over at Live, Love, Run does each week- you should really go over and read about it. Even if you don't blog, it is an awesome way to keep weekly goals and try and reach them! If you want to know more about the Weekly Chase go HERE.

In last weeks Weekly Chase, we gave ourselves lots of goals. We want to share with you how we did last week before we share the goals for this week. 

Big Sis! 
1. To attend Cross Fit 3x this week! Should be easy since I have someone going with me! -I am sad to say I only attended two times. A friend from Japan came in and called and wanted to do dinner. I still planned to attend CF, but I realized I needed to STOP! And enjoy an evening with my family. I was sad, but I do think it was the right choice. 
2. To do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Monday-Friday during nap time! -I did not do it even one time. What a flake I am. I honestly forgot. I was so excited about CF that I didn't think about it on Monday and then I just.. forgot. 
3. To drink at least 1 gallon of water each day. -I started the week out right doing this... and then failed. 
4. To run 21 miles this week. -Negative. I wanted it SO bad. At the end, I had 9 miles left go to on Sunday, and it just was not happening. Husband was working and it was just too hot outside and my boy wasn't cooperative at the gym as he wanted to work out too! :)
5. To get Sam's baby shower stuff finished before Friday! -I did something!!! 
6. To continue with my NO DIET DR. PEPPER or Energy Drinks! -2 Energy Drinks
7. To be in bed BY 11pm (this is huge) each night and set my alarm and get up at 5am! -Got up at 5am all but one day... Bed by 11pm all but 2 nights. 

Seriously, I feel like a complete failure. I have been so sad about these goals all day today. They were easy goals and quite frankly, I let myself down. I am most sad about the mileage. But you know what... I realize and thanks to the motivation from a follower on our Facebook page.. that the miles I got in are more than what the person got in that stayed on their couch. So I will take my 12 miles and go forth. I am so proud of my Little Sister though. She TOTALLY reach her goals and did so awesome. Go, Britt! 

Lil Sis! 

1. Finish painting our blue walled living room! - Done! And I love it! 
Here is a picture:
Sorry not the best quality photo but I wanted to show you my wall! 
2. Go on a date with my husband! -Yep! And we got to use a gift card that some of our church college leaders blessed us with. We went to Olive Garden (my fav) and it was good to spend that time with him before the next day one of our boys flew back home. 
3. Full clean my home before the boys come back! -Yes, I did it! Really late at night the night before Evan got home, but I did it! 
This is Evan, one of the 3 Asian boys that lives with us throughout the school year.  This is his 2nd year with us.  

4. Sew some more products for my etsy store! -Aw this didn't quite happen because my sewing machine is messing up. Technical difficulties!
5. Run 6 miles again in one setting! -Did this Thursday night at the gym... it was hard that night, but I did it! 
6. Run a total of 20 miles this week! -OMG!! I did it! I made it to this Sunday and had 7 miles left to hit 20! I had no intention of trying to achieve it...I was just going to do a short run and a weight lifting workout, then I talked to Big Sis who was going to try and finish out her 11 miles to her goal! That motivated me to at least try, and I did it.  I ran with one of my dogs for 2 miles, then got the other dog for 2 miles, then did 3 at the gym, plus a little arm weights workout. 
7. Stop drinking sweet tea and stick to just water and coffee! -Well I did have a Cherry Limeade (my new found favorite drink).. but other than that, just water and coffee. 

Now to this weeks Goals:

Big Sis!

1. Get my boy's bedtime routine started by 830pm each night so I have more time with my husband in the evenings. 
2. CrossFit 3x this week.
3. Mileage Goal of 21 miles; keeping it the same since I did not hit it this week.
4. To Run 3 early mornings this week! 
Lil Sis!
SIDENOTE: I don't have a lot of goals for the next couple of weeks because my job will be in high demand with the school year upon us.  So really my goals are focussed on being successful even through my crazy work schedule. 
1. Run 20 miles this week
2. Keep my house moderately clean since I will be working late throughout the week
3. Do 3 workouts throughout the week besides just running
4. Eat healthy despite the fact that every meal will be provided for me in Fast Food form  (This is part of my next 2 weeks at work, I work at a university and we are getting ready for New Student Orientation, so as we work the school buys us food...it is usually very hard to not just eat whatever...my office is full of yummy snacks too!) 

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