Weekly Chase #1

I have decided to join in with my new friend, Melissa, over at Live, Love, & Run in her Weekly Chase Link-Up. This is right up my alley and I am SO excited to join in on this. As my last post talked about ... it is so important to me to have a plan and stick with it.. so I think participating in the Weekly Chase will help me.. Do you want to join too? Check out below for her directions.. then read all about mine! 

  1. Every Monday, bloggers will post at least one (1) goal that s/he would like to reach that week. It can be for anything – weight loss, eating habits, training goals, organizing your home, finishing a project, whatever. Your choice.
  2. Include the Weekly Chase badge on the post to help you link up to other bloggers that are chasing down goals for the week. I’ve made four badges for you to choose from (so any fellas that want to join in can) and I’ve included the code for each.
  3. Visit my Weekly Chase post every Monday so you can link up your post! This gives you the chance to peek in on other bloggers and form some awesome support systems.
  4. After the initial Weekly Chase post, make sure you include how you did on your goal for the previous week. The whole goal of this project is to get a wicked support system rolling and to help lift each other up!
  5. Tweet about your goals with the hashtag #weeklychase to see when others have posted, to fill everyone in on your accomplishments, or just to get a little extra push!

Do you think you want to join in? Read on to read all about my Weekly Chase! 
I was doing so good for a long time setting my goals... and I have really slacked off in the past month. I have felt it too... I have been saying over and over I need to get more organized again and get ahead. These are my weekly goals...

1. Batch Cooking: To cook and freeze-- another pack of Pizza Muffins and 4 full size Chicken Pot Pies and 4 individual pot pies. 

2. To run 20 miles.

3. To do 30 Day Shred 2 times this week.

4. To cook dinner each night the husband is off! (I have really, really been slacking on this lately and I do not like that)
This seems easy enough, right? It is so great to put goals on paper.. now next week when I give you my 2nd round of goals I have to tell you how this week went.. EEEK! A little nerve wracking to be honest.

Happy Monday Bloggy Friends!
Weekly Running Goals

Sat. 7/28-Fri.8/3

Total Mileage: 25 miles

7/28: 5 miles