So, I have been getting a ton done this week for my wedding!

First I went to the Summit Club yesterday and had a 2 hour meeting with the wedding coordinator there and planned mostly everything that they are involved in! I picked out the "linens" for our tables, the layout of the room and of the ceremony, and also I decided on a menu! It was a ton of fun and felt so good to get so much taken care of! I think our wedding is going to be beautiful!!

The only thing that was not great about yesterday was after I left the Summit when I got the final price list after all taxes/gratuities, etc. were added. I was seriously having heat flashes during the drive home. It was a little disturbing! But after talking to Meguell he calmed me down and reminded me that we only have one wedding EVER!! And it is supposed to be special! He told me not to worry it would all work out and be taken care of!! So I felt better, and this weekend we are really going to sit down and talk about our finances for this coming semester!!

O also I met with the DJ and payed the deposit on that!! So I am so excited that we will be having fun music!! One thing Meguell and I really want is for our wedding to be nice and elegant, but also FUN!! So I really hope people enjoy it and dance!!

Then this morning I met with a photographer!! Which I loved! We talked and had coffee for an hour!! It was great, she was so nice and really got me excited about our wedding...The only downfall, her prices!! Another OMG how can we do this. So this weekend we are also going to sit down and look at her and what she offers compared to others and try and make some decisions on our photographer!!

All in all though, except for all the money stuff this has been a successful few days! And has been so much fun! I keep reminding myself when I get stressed that I should stop and enjoy this, b/c this is the only wedding that I will ever plan in my life!! And it is something I have been dreaming of for my entire life!! ha ha so I am trying to make it as much fun as possible!! AND SO FAR I LOVE IT!