Don't Let Holiday Drinking Trash Your Waistline

We are about to be celebrating the 4th of July! It's a wonderful holiday to celebrate, and usually it involves, time with friends and family, being in the water of some sort, lots of good food, fireworks, and alcohol! 

4th of July 2014 with my childhood bestie!

4th of July 2014 with my childhood bestie!

Now I don't know about you, but on the 4th, our celebration can tend to be an all weekend thing. Not just a one evening event. That means we are usually consuming more calories than we normally would due to food, and high sugar fruits (like watermelon...because who doesn't love a cold, fresh cut watermelon on a hot summer holiday)! Plus, if you like to enjoy a beer or margarita on this day, or throughout the weekend, your mind is about to be blown at how many extra calories you could be taking in just due to over drinking in celebration of the holiday. 

That's right, according to a study published by Women's Health...

"Drinking beyond your "tipping point" can make you consume 6,300 more calories than you normally would...."

Woah! That seems totally unrealistic...RIGHT!?!? 

Basically though, when you drink too much, you tend to eat too much as well. I taught about this in my Sugar Free Alcohol Mini Session. It's easy to get munchie and eat things you wouldn't normally when you have been drinking. Plus when you get tipsie or more, you have less self-control when it comes to eating as well. 

According to the study done by Women's Health, the 6,300 extra calories aren't just from the night you drink either, but those are calories consumed in the following 24 hours as well. 

"Broken down, that's an extra 1,476 from the drinks, 2,829 in food that night, and 2,051 the next day. Just FYI, that's enough to gain almost two pounds with each binge-drinking episode."

Wow! So what can you do to change this? Well since going sugar free, over a year and a half ago, I have done my research on alcohol and found the types that are lowest in sugar, and best for you to drink. Get all my tips HERE!  But, if you are looking for some quick drinks to make at home or at your party this weekend, you can first try my Sugar Free Margarita Recipe, or my favorite VANILLA SUNSHINE COCKTAIL! 

So I encourage you to try one of these recipes, or if you are wanting to know more about what kind of alcohols you can have and what kind you should be avoiding, snag my Sugar Free Alcohol Mini Session which comes with 3 additional cocktail recipes!