Vacation Preparation: What's your routine!?! week, I Brittany, aka Little Sis will be gone on vacation! We have planned a week to stay in Destin, Fl. right on the beach in a house with 6 of our friends.  It will be three married couples and one single guy and girl! They are friends that we went to college with and most of which have moved from Abilene and back around the metroplex! We saw them back in January and decided we should all take a vacation together! I am so pumped that this all worked out! You know how sometimes you can talk and dream about something and it never happens...well this is FREAKING HAPPENING!! 

Haha I am very excited to get to spend a week on the beach! Getting my sun on, eating lots of food, cooking with friends, going on fun adventures together, or out at night, it will be a blast! 

My best friend and I were talking about how vacations are so good for the person.  Let me see we have been stoked for a long time, but especially these past few weeks, I have been filled with joy over getting away and to the beach! We figured that the anticipation is almost as good as going on the actual trip! We have talked a lot about the trip, and come up with ideas, and talked about bathing suits, and shopped, it has been so much fun, and I have seriously been so happy the past few weeks! (even more so than usual :-) and working out a lot more because course I gotta look good in that bathing suit! 

Anyways, just wanted to share a few of the things I have been doing to prepare for my beach vacation with you. 

1) Day Dreaming....a lot! 
I have been thinking of having coffee on the beach in the mornings, and margarita's on the beach in the evening.  About sitting around a nicely cooked dinner table with my friends and chatting about the depths of life.  And dreaming about the nice tan I'm going to come home with. 
2) Shopping
For weeks I shopped online for the perfect bathing suit, then I had to talk my husband into letting me get the bathing suit :-) Here's a pic of the one I got....I may not look like a model in it, but I love it! 
Then the past couple of nights I have gone with my husband and my friend to get beachy things.  New bathing suit cover up, cute beach hat, tanning lotion, beach umbrellas, husband's new shorts, and other randoms! 
3) Working Out
Normally I do Turbo Fire for my workouts, (you can read about what that is on our WLW #2) but, one day my husband randomly decided to try the Anytime Fitness 1 week Free Trial.  Then he talked me into signing up. :-) We both normally work out a lot and used to have a membership at a great gym, but our finances changed, so we had to drop it.  But, since he had just gotten a new job a gym membership could fit into our budget.  So I got my butt to work, and I started really trying to eat better.  Since that WLW seen above I have lost 12 lbs.  Trying to look good in my new bathing suit :-)
4) Getting My Tan On

I got started as soon as the pool at my university opened for the summer season! My friend and I will spend a couple of hours a week out there.  Of course I work until 5pm, and it closes at 6pm, so I only go in short increments each time.  That is probably good for me though, because I have skin that will definitely burn.  So I have played it smart and gone in small amounts of time and I have done well getting a base tan without getting burned! 
 5) Getting Organized

I so did this....I mean made folders for our trip! haha I know it sounds crazy, but since we are in two separate cars I made folders with ideas of things to do and places to eat (including menus from those places) for each car.  I talked to people who had been to Destin, and got ideas from them and went ahead and printed info for those places out.  I also included our beach house security code and address for everyone! I know they will appreciate my crazy organization and planning skills lol or at least I hope they will :-) 

6) Made Some Road Trip Jams
Today my friend whose going on the trip came up to my work and we spent some time burning some cds from my computer! I burned two sets of these babies! haha You know so that we could have one set in each car! Let me share the playlist from my favorite cd with you.  It's the 90's cd!! I love 90's know the boy bands and spice girls. This will definitely be a fun one to sing to!
My Everything--98 Degrees
Dirty Pop--'N Sync
Cry Me A River--Justin Timberlake
Sexy Back--Justin Timberlake
This I promise you--Nsync
Leavin'--Jesse McCartney
The Hardest Thing--98º 
Leave (Get Out)--JoJo
Over My Head (Cable Car)--The Fray
How To Save A Life --The Fray
Over & Over Again--Tim McGraw Feat. Nelly
Summer Girls--LFO
Say You'll Be There--Spice Girls
wannabe--Spice Girls
Dirty Little Secret--The All-American Rejects
Gives You Hell--All-American Rejects
Hand In My Pocket--Alanis Morissette
Head Over Feet--Alanis Morissette
Ironic--Alanis Morissette
I'm a Lover--Alanis Morissette
Swing Swing Swing--The All-American Rejects

7) Packed

Well....I haven't actually done this part yet.  But I will do it tonight, right after I get all of my stuff organized. I do have a feeling that I really might look like this girl though, I want to take so much, even though I know I don't need to lol But I gotta have my options right.   I also have to realize that there are eight of us in two pretty small cars too, so we have to have room lol We will see how this works out! 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my list of to-do's and gotta-do's! :-) 
I will miss you all next week though! Don't worry I will be including my top favs in next week's Naturally-Nifty party so be sure to stop by on Tuesday and see the features and join the party!! I will update yall with all the fantastic photos that I take from the trip in a few weeks! 
Destin here we come!